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The Unopened Letter.

Updated on February 1, 2010

The unopened letter was creased

and yellowed with age

stuck between Genesis and revelations

in an old bible she owned.


This was ironic because it's message

back at the beginniong

when she recieved it,

would have brought revelations

of a love much like Adam and Eve's

in the gardens of paradise.


But unlike Eve she refused to be tempted

for that letter came with much cost

and sacrifice on her behalf.


But oh how often she'd grasp it

struggling not to open that flap,

handling it over the years

numerous times and then

putting it back tear stained

and fingerprinted with regrets.


He had sent it to her

way back when

when he was in boot camp

and bound for war

and she knew from it's thickness

that it was probably a

proposal to marry her

on his last liberty

before shipping out.


Back when she was a lovely lass

with firm calves and deep sapphire eyes.

She truly loved him very much,

they had shared such joy together,

laughter and passionate kisses.


But the monstrous thought of losing him

of becoming a widow so young

and suffering the pain and grief

if he perished,

shook her to her very core,

and stayed her hand,

thus he never got a reply.


She simply folded

his precious thoughts

and slipped them between the pages

of another's words whom she treasured

and left it all up to God.


She moved away

from that small town,

and started a new life

but never married

due to the lack of

anyone even close

to his great stature

in her mind.



She never saw nor

heard from him again

and didn't blame fate or him.

She was old now and

the letter was just

a connection to what never was.


She found peace in picturing him

as a kindly grandfather with a hoard

of kids at his feet and

a lifelong love at his side.

She'd had her chance

and chose not to take it,

making regret an old friend

as loneliness followed her

to this point in time postmarked

in yesteryears of memories untold.


Which was truly kindness after all

for if the truth became a revelation

the world and she would find

that he lies in a shallow trench

under eighteen inches of dirt

that is his unmarked grave.


Foriegn soils cradle his flesh

never to be opened

and overgrown with


long fogotten....

and the blue of

those flower petals

would have reminded

him of her eyes back home

long vacant from the

hollow sockets of his skull.


Deep in the woods

that now lie silent

but once thundered

with explosions and screams.


One of those cries of despair

was of her name shouted skyward

through tear filled eyes

and a face pinched in pain

uttered in the last moments of his life,

fading with his final unfulfilled wish

that she could have been his wife.


And so she tucks

the letter once more

back in its place

as a whimsical smile

graces her face,

and a wash of remembrance

of some of the

moments they shared

spins gaily across her mind.


Then she lies down

for a nap in the

late afternoon of her days

where in her dreams

they dance once more.













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    • pbwriterchick profile image


      8 years ago

      awwww... I wanted to know what was in the letter! hmmff... :)


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