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The Unspeakable Event: Part 2

Updated on June 1, 2013
I found this online. I didn't make it.
I found this online. I didn't make it.

If you haven't already, try reading Part 1.

Miami watched her peers. They waited for her to answer, needing her to be strong. This was her job, wasn’t it? Wasn’t this why she was elected Band President? The familiar weight of responsibility pushed her to think fast, to formulate a plan. They were counting on her. She spoke with more confidence than she felt.

“Everything’s going to work out. Times like these are why we have officers, and I refuse to let this ruin our entire senior year. Officer Dan said he’d come talk to us during– well,” She paused, looking at the clock. “soon. Until then we’ll just tell them something’s happened, we don’t know much, but Officer Dan’s coming to tell us more.”

Levi leaned forward, his elbows on his knees. “What about the rumors?”

“No.” Phoenix answered firmly. “If they’re wrong it’ll just spread the fake. If they’re true… we shouldn’t tell them during school.

Mia nodded her agreement. She took a deep breath and looked at the two of them; they still looked pretty nervous, she had to reassure them. There was no way she could take care of the other forty, or so, band members without taking care of these two first. This was going to be tough on everyone. The three of them were going to need to lean on each other if they stood a chance at taking care of the others.

“We’re gonna tell them that no matter what happens, and no matter what they hear on the news or anywhere else, that we are still a band. We’re gonna say that we will pull together and get through this, just like we always do in hard times. The most important thing right now is that the band, as a whole and the individual members, are taken care of. We should go on with the plans for the Christmas concert. We’ll need some semblance of normalcy during the next couple of weeks.” She took a steadying breath, wishing she could feel the confidence she feigned.

Phoenix nodded, looking at a uniform that was hanging beside her. “I agree.”

As if on cue, Levi and Phee spoke at the same time. “Who’s gonna direct the concert?”

Levi groaned. “The music we have isn’t worked up nearly enough for an audience.”

Miami’s thoughts flew. She’d been thinking of this since they’d gone to the office earlier. “As of right now, we’re gonna have a sub until next semester, so I’ll direct the concert. Like I said, times like these are why we have officers. We can pull out songs that most of the band already knows and work on those for the concert.”

“We should make sure the freshmen can learn them in less than two weeks.” Phee spoke, thinking of the many freshmen in her percussion section.

Levi nodded. “Yeah, we should get the section leaders to look at the scores, make sure their freshmen can learn it, and that they’ll be available to help them with it as much as possible before the concert.”

Miami nodded, feeling the weight of responsibility again, her thoughts raced as she devised a plan. “Here’s what we’ll do. Phee, you and Levi go pull out some of the easier songs you know we’ve played. Pull out eighth grade ones too.” She held her hand up, staying their protests. “I don’t like it either, but we’re gonna have to work with the time we have. If the whole concert has to be eighth grade level, which I highly doubt, then that’s what we’re gonna have to do.”

Phee shook her head in dismay. “We also have a parade in three days. What about that?”

Levi threw himself back into his chair, his hands moving about as he spoke. “We haven’t even practiced marching. Can you get us marching in shape in three days?”

Miami shook her head, massaging her shoulder, as they looked at her. “Probably not.”

“So what are our options? Can we cancel it?” Levi looked at Mia with a glimmer of hope. “Like, as officers, can we choose to cancel our participation?”

Mia smiled; she’d hoped that she wasn’t the only one that’d want to cancel it. “Yes.”

“No.” Phoenix answered at the same time.

Levi ignored Phee. “You’re sure we can cancel it?” He asked.

Mia gave a small, defiant, smile. “If no one shows up they can’t really make us march, can they?”

Phee was growing irritated. “Guys, we can’t not go.”

Mia wanted Phee on their side, but she was the president, not Phee. Mia knew she could pull rank if she had to; she just didn’t want to. She decided to rely on the rest of the band instead, knowing most of them didn’t like to march.

Mia spoke quickly. “We’ll put it to a vote. Let the band know what’s going on and vote on it. Whichever wins is the one we’ll go with. If they vote yes, then we’ll get out there every day until the parade and pract–”

“Even with just three days?” Levi interrupted her.

“If they say no, we can concentrate on working up the concert.” Miami finished as if she hadn’t been interrupted. She caught Levi’s eye and gave him a knowing look. He hid a smirk and nodded.

Phoenix ran a hand through her brown hair in irritation. “We have to march.”

“Fine.” Mia was growing irritated too. “We’ll do a vote to see if we do a vote. Does that make you happy?”


Levi let out a soft chuckle. “Yeah.”

“All in favor of voting on the parade?” Mia said blandly. She couldn’t believe they were actually voting on voting. She raised her hand as Levi raised his.

“Sorry Phee, two to one.” Levi stood as he spoke. “Let’s get to work.”

Phee mumbled expletives before speaking louder. “This is ridiculous.”

“No, we have three officers so there can never be a tie.” Mia spoke calmly as she followed Levi to the door. “Two to one we do the vote today.”

For more read Part 3.

© 2012 info-overload


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