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The Unspeakable Event: Part 3

Updated on June 1, 2013
I did not make or take this photo. I found it online.
I did not make or take this photo. I found it online.

If you haven't already, try reading Part 1.

Miami listened as the band finished their last scale.

“I tried, they weren’t listening very well.” Sam’s rough voice carried over the din.

“It’s okay.” She smiled as he handed her the baton and sat down. How is Sam, who is literally mentally challenged, gonna understand this?

Miss Sally stood quietly by the piano in the corner as the students started to whisper. Mia sat on the director’s stool, Phoenix and Levi stood on either side of her. She looked up in time to see Officer Dan looking through the window in the door. Questions started to fly through the room.

“Did you guys figure out—.”

“Why Officer Dan is at the door?” Lilly cut Paul off.

It got to a low roar before Miss Sally, realizing school officials were outside, started to do her job.

“Okay guys you need to be quiet.” She called. The students paid no attention to her.

“Shut up!” Mia, Phee, and Levi yelled at the same time. They smiled over the fluke, as the room got quiet.

Phee cleared her throat. “We need y’all’s attention.”

Miami flipped her jet black hair. “Officer Dan’s here because he needs to talk to us. We need to be quiet and listen until he’s done.” Mia tried to ignore the anger that flooded her as Lilly and Paul started to whisper while she spoke. “He needs everyone to be quiet!” She stared at Paul and Lilly.

“Sorry.” Lilly mumbled. Paul looked at her defiantly, but didn’t speak.

“Mia, we’re gonna get to work pulling out some songs.” Levi stated. She could tell he was angry, and knew he didn’t want to waste any time.

Mia nodded. “Right, we need to do this quickly.”

Levi nodded. Mia watched them walk away, quietly whispering about which songs to pull out. She motioned for Officer Dan to come inside when he knocked on the door. Three school officials: a bald and thin man, a graying stern faced woman, and a bald stout man in slacks and a work shirt, streamed inside behind Officer Dan. The principal, Mister Max; the vice principal, Miss Joy; and the assistant band director, Mister Taft watched her closely.

Officer Dan spoke, his southern drawl noticeably thicker than the rest of the people in the room. “Guys, we’ve some bad news. Mister Brown’s been arrested. You’re gonna have a substitute for the rest of this semester.”

Mia looked toward Levi and Phoenix in the back of the room, passing scores to section leaders. The three locked eyes, nodding. They had been right. He was guilty.

A red haired boy with a trombone and the deepest voice in the class, Jimmy was his name, asked the question Mia thought when she’d heard this. “Why?”

“When?” Sam asked.

Lexington, Mia’s best friend in the band, asked the same question from earlier. “How long’s he gonna be there?”

“I can’t tell y’all much more,” Officer Dan answered quickly “but you can rest easy knowin’ The Board is already workin’ on getting’ y’all another teacher.”

Lilly spoke softly and everyone fell silent. “Then the rumors are true?”

“Of course, stupid!” Paul yelled from two seats away.

“Don’t call me stupid, dope!” Lilly countered.

“Guys!” Mia waited but they kept arguing. She yelled louder this time. “Okay guys! Now isn’t the time to turn on each other. We need to stick together.”

Lilly frowned at Miami as they quieted. “Why aren’t you surprised? You already knew?”

Phoenix and Levi made their way to the front of the room as Mia quickly answered. “I may have heard some things, but that doesn’t matter. Like I said, now isn’t the time to turn on each other.”

“Everybody needs to hush.” The Vice Principal commanded silence. Nobody even whispered.

“We need y’all to listen.” Phee looked at the score in her hand and gave it to Levi, the saxophone section leader.

Miss Joy nodded then spoke firmly, her southern drawl sounded out of place to Mia. Miss Joy usually contained her drawl. “We know y’all have a concert and a parade coming up. We need to make new plans.”

Miami took a steadying breath before speaking, squashing the feelings of betrayal. “We started to make plans as soon as we found out he wasn’t gonna be here.”

The principal spoke, his raspy voice drawing out his words. “What are your plans?”

“Well, we’re going to vote on whether or not we do the parade.”

“Do you think that’s a good idea? Shouldn’t you just do the parade like you were planning?” Miami grimaced as Miss Joy interrupted her.

“No we shouldn’t.” Mia continued. “We haven’t practiced marching in two months, and we’ve only had four hours of practice in total. Mister Brown and I discussed canceling yesterday. The only reason we’re still in the parade is because we were planning to practice all day, every day, until the parade. I can’t get us into marching shape by then. That was all on him.”

“Well, can’t you do something Mister Taft?” Mister Max asked with hope. “Show them how to march?”

“No.” He answered quickly and looked at Mia. She got the feeling that he knew they didn’t want to do it. “I know how to walk behind them and make sure they act right. Like she said, marching was all on him.” Phoenix, growing agitated, moved to the file room and started to work.

“I don’t think it should be put to a vote.” Miss Joy crossed her arms in front of her chest. “I think y’all should do it.”

Mia and Levi looked down, accepting that they had to do the parade. She tried to think of a way to change Miss Joy’s mind, but knew it was futile. No student can change her mind once it’s made up. Anger suddenly swelled inside Mia.

How are they gonna listen to my leadership if you undermine me in front of them! She thought, sending daggers at the vice principal with her eyes.

For more read Part 4.

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