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The Unspeakable Event: Part 4

Updated on June 1, 2013
I found this online. I didn't make it.
I found this online. I didn't make it.

If you haven't already, try reading Part 1.

“No.” Mister Taft spoke; Mia and Levi sighed with relief. They knew that Mister Taft, like them, always had in mind what was best for the band. “If they don’t think they should do it, they shouldn’t. If they go out there and mess up, it’s there reputation on the line. They are the ones that have worked hard to build it up; let them vote.”

Miss Joy let out a small sigh. “Well, what are you doing about the concert next week?”

Mia looked toward Phoenix. “We’re in the music library right now discussing Christmas music we have and what we’re gonna play at the concert. Since we have no director, I’m gonna direct it.”

Mia was shocked at what came next. “Here we’ll leave the room and give you guys some time to discuss it first.” Mister Max spoke and motioned to the exit. Mia watched, jaw agape, as the four officials left quickly. Mister Max was never on the band’s side.

Mister Taft stuck his head back through the door. “Mia, if you guys say yes then I’ll back you up. If you say no then that’s what I’ll do. You know I’ll be no help with marching, but I’ll do what I can.” She smiled softly and nodded.

She watched as the door closed, still shocked. She looked at Levi. “Did Miss Joy really just give up that easily? Did Mister Max just take our side?”

Levi looked from Mia to the door and back. “Do you think she realizes he’s giving us time so we can vote?” He asked with a shrug. He paused. “Maybe it’s because of the arrest. Anyway, you know how I feel about the parade. Let’s get to the vote.” He lightly touched Mia’s elbow then went to the music library to help Phee.

“Okay, you heard them.” Mia spoke, firm but soft. “Does anyone have any questions that absolutely can’t wait?”

“What are we going to do?” Lilly asked, just as softly. Mia took a breath, feeling the heavy weight of responsibility.

“We’ll get through this guys. Just like we always do. We’re gonna pull together and be the big band family that we are. We’ll rely on each other. If anyone needs to talk, you can always talk to me, Phee. I know it’s not exactly his thing, but even Levi will be open for talking if you need him.” She gave a sad smile at the last part as Levi kicked a file cabinet. She felt the same betrayal, but she couldn’t exactly start kicking things.

“Okay. It’s hard to hear everyone talk at once. So, please raise your hand if you have anything to say about the parade in three days?”

She watched as hands flew into the air. Levi leaned against the door jam.

“Looks like we’re gonna be here a while.” Phee said, standing beside him with crossed arms.

About a half hour later Mia sat at the director’s stand, only glancing up from her score when Phee or Levi handed her another one. The rest of the students looked over their music quietly. Miss Joy walked into the room, followed by Mister Taft and Mister Max.

“Have you made a decision?” She asked sorely.

“Yes.” Mia nodded as she put the score down. “We’ve decided not to do the parade. We want to concentrate on getting ready for the concert next week.

For more read Part 5 (Final).

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