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The Unspeakable Event: Part 5 (Final)

Updated on June 1, 2013
I found this online. I didn't make it.
I found this online. I didn't make it.

If you haven't already, try reading Part 1.

Mia sat on the floor in the band room, something she didn’t usually do and for good reason. Knowing Lex would be back from dropping off the eighth graders soon, she watched her own reflection in a picture frame. She looked fine.

Everything seemed normal on the outside. When others looked at her, they could see a calm and collected leader. They didn’t seem to see the permanent headache, worry, and uncertainty that she’d been feeling for the past three days. These were the things that took residence inside her when everyone went home and watched the news the first day Mister Brown was absent. Most people didn’t hear the millions of questions she’d been asked and couldn’t answer or the comfort she’d had to supply but didn’t actually feel. She felt like no one could see, or feel, the crushing weight of responsibility that she had no choice but to hold.

“How could he do this?” She spoke to herself. “He knows how important the band is to us. He knows we love this band and that we want to keep it, and its reputation, in the best condition possible. How are we supposed to do that with him, our new director, pulling this little stunt?” She flung her hands about as she spoke.

She spoke softer, not sure who she was talking to, as she picked at a hole on the knee of her jeans. “He knows how important it is to all of us that we do our best at every concert, especially with Mister H coming to watch us. How could he do this to us? This was Mister H’s band, his legacy, and we trusted him!”

How could he do this to Mage? She thought to herself. I don’t know what I’d do if I were told that my father did THAT with a girl my age. What’s Mage going through? How could he do this to their family?

Mia wiped a tear off her face. She stopped trying, when she realized she couldn’t wipe them all away. She thought about Mister Brown’s wife, a nice woman. How is she? What is she going through? If I were her, I’d have so many doubts. How could I not notice that my own husband was going elsewhere for–. She must be in so much pain. At least she has reliable friends.

April, on the other hand, how is she? Not many people like her, I usually don’t either, but this isn’t her fault. Not completely. Even if she came on to him, he is still the adult and should have known better. What’s she going through? Her so called friends don’t seem like the most reliable people.

Mia looked at her reflection before picking at the hole again. “I hope they help her. I hope somebody can help us all through this. She watched as Lex walked into the room.

“How are we going to get through this? How will everyone get through this?” She asked softly.

Lex smiled as she sat beside Mia. “She has her siblings and the rest of her family. The same goes for Mage, and April. We on the other hand, will get through this like we always do. Well pull together like our band family always does. A smart person told the entire band that a couple of days ago.

Miami let out a chuckle. “Really?”


“And who would that be?”

Lex shrugged. “You. We are going to get through this just like you said we would.. You need to know that we are here for you too. You know you don’t have to handle this by yourself. You have your friends to handle it with you.”

Phoenix walked into the room with Levi close behind. “You have friends and officers to help you. We know you’re nervous even though you don’t show it, and we’re not going anywhere.” Phee said as she sat in front of Lex.

Levi sat in front of Mia. They were quiet for a moment, sharing silent looks, before Levi spoke.

“She’s right Mia. You say we’re gonna pull together and get through this. You’re right, and you need to start taking your own advice.”

Mia smiled and looked at the boy sitting in front of her. This was the same boy from two weeks ago that was ignoring the lectures and discussing how a Friday night party was more important than practicing for the concert. If anyone had told her that that guy would turn into him during crisis mode, she’d have thought they’d lost it. She was oddly comforted by his transformation, the weight of responsibility now feeling bearable; they were helping her.

She reached out and took one of Levi and Lex’s hands. “You’re right. All this time I’ve been thinking about how I’m going to get the entire band through this, but I should have been thinking about how we’re going to get us through this.

Lex smiled. Phee took Levi and Lex’s other hands. “Now you’re talking.” Lex smiled as she said it. They sat like that, gaining strength from each other, until fourth period started. Phee, Lex, Levi and the rest of the band members quickly got their instruments. Warming up they turned to Miami for direction. She smiled as she opened the roll book.

Feel lost? Try starting at the beginning.

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