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The Ups and Downs of Freelance Writing!

Updated on May 14, 2009

Okay, so today, May 11, 2009, I'm a little sad that I'm not getting anymore freelance writing jobs at the moment. My first writing project for Sea Life Park Hawaii was a huge success and I'm glad my client liked my style of fun and informative writing!

Back to the grind, I've been applying for freelance writing jobs like crazy for the past week and still no luck. I'm thinking I might have to take a full-time job which I don't want to do because I really don't want to deal with people in an office environment. I'm already burned by the University of Phoenix Online because of my worthless bachelors degree in Information Technology. And I refuse to accept article writing jobs from and that pay a dollar for one 500 word article re-write! Screw those article mills, I'll have carpel tunnel syndrome after writing 100 articles for those cheap companies and making only a measly c-note. Come on, come up with your own team of writers instead of steal articles people have already written, pay the guys in India for a re-write, then call it your own work. That's cheating!

Thanks to the University of Phoenix Online, since I already have my worthless bachelors degree, I can't qualify for federal pell grants for Heald College, the school I'm currently attending for my certification in web design. After I finish Heald College, I'm thinking of going to the University of Hawaii at Manoa and majoring in their English bachelors degree program!

Well, I am going to keep trying, to keep applying for freelance writing jobs, to keep up with the competition of online writers, and take heed of my freelance writing future! I'm a positive thinker with a happy heart and next week, oh boy, they'll be begging me to come back!

A turn of events today May 14, 2009, put joy in my heart and a big smile on my face. After countless hours of sending out emails, I made $500.00 dollars in 4 days working 6 hours for 5 different clients. Oh what the joy of writing can do for a writer!


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    • Rebecca E. profile image

      Rebecca E. 8 years ago from Canada

      Good for you! The ups and downs are hard on all freelancers