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The Upside Down World of Nerak

Updated on September 3, 2011

One day Nerak woke up and did not recognize herself anymore. All of the days and years that led to this was finally vivid. The racing thoughts, the mood swings, suicidal tendencies, the shopping sprees, the feeling of being invincible, sexual escapades. It all came together when it landed her a trip to the hospital. The day her world was turned upside down when she was diagnosed with bipolar.

Bipolar, what a fascinating disorder. You don't know if your coming or going and when you get there you don't remember where you came from. People think your crazy because they don't understand. We drive our loved ones crazy. Oh what fun! If anyone reading this has definitely understand.

I have always been an unusual person. I really stand out in the crowd. I am what you call eccentric (weird). I love my heels high and my skirts short. My hair is wild and I always carry a smile. I am a bipolar diva. When I am at my highs I am at my best. say that is taboo but I don't care. When I am at that point I am the most creative. I can crank out at least four or five poems and maybe a short story or two.

The cocktail (my meds) that I am taking is keeping me stable. I have some side effects but I will not let that stop me. I choose my sanity. I have too much to live for. I refuse to hide in the shadows and act like nothing is wrong with me. I want to share my emotions with the world in hopes that it will touch and help someone.

Thank you for stopping by and checking out my hub. If you follow me, I will follow you back. Happy hubbing :)


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    • Nerak2Karen profile image

      Nerak2Karen 6 years ago from Milwaukee, WI

      Thank you is a pleasure to meet you as well :)

    • MysteriousOne profile image

      MysteriousOne 6 years ago

      Welcome, Ms.Nerak.....its a pleasure to meet you! Looking forward reading your hubs!

    • sassyk73 profile image

      Karen A. Harris 6 years ago from Milwaukee, WI

      We have a lot in common my dear friend Nerak. I hope all is well with you. Thank you for sharing your story :)