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The Vain Crows and other Short Stories for Children

Updated on April 13, 2011


    Once upon a time, a poor little mynah lost the way to her nest as it was getting dark. So she stopped over a tree. There were many crows already perched on this tree. On seeing the mynah, the crows shouted, “Get off our tree.”
     The mynah pleaded, “The tree belongs to everyone. It might rain. Let me stay for a while.” But the crows wouldn’t listen.
     At last, the mynah flew to another tree where she found a cavity to rest in comfortably. Later, it rained heavily with hailstones falling down. But, the mynah was safe inside the cavity, while the crows suffered. Many crows were hurt and some even died.
     When the weather calmed down, the mynah came out and flew homewards.
One of the crows asked the mynah, “How come you are unhurt?”
     “God helps humble creatures and lets arrogant ones like you suffer,” the mynah replied.

The Flea and the Poor Bug


    Once, a bug lived in the linen spread over a king's bed. One day, the bug saw a flea drifting into the bedroom.
    The flea said, “I have never tasted royal blood. It is not proper for you to siphon off the king's blood all alone. Share it with me also.”
     The bug replied, “You will have to wait till I finish my job. After me, you can have your fill.” The flea agreed.
     Meanwhile, the king entered his bedroom. The impatient flea began feasting on the king's blood even before he went to sleep. Stung by his bite, the king rose from his bed and asked his servants to look for what was in the bed. The king's men examined the bed closely. The flea sneaked into a recess of the bed. The servants found the poor bug and killed him.

The Mongoose and the Brahmin’s Son


     Once, a Brahmin’s wife gave birth to a son. The same day, a female mongoose gave birth to a baby and died. The Brahmin’s wife brought him up as her own child.
     One day, the wife was going to well to fetch some water. She told her husband to look after their son. But the husband left the house too.
     Soon, a snake came and slithered towards the baby. Immediately, the mongoose killed the snake. To show his bravery, the mongoose went and stood outside the house. The Brahmin’s wife arrived and saw the mongoose covered with blood; she thought that he had killed her son. She threw the heavy pitcher of water on the mongoose and killed him.
     Then she went inside and found her child safe and a snake, torn to pieces, lying nearby. She was heartbroken when she realised the truth.

The Tale of the Three Fish


   Once upon a time, three fish who were friends lived in a pond. One day some fishermen passing by the pond wondered, “This pond seems to be full of fish. Let us come at dawn tomorrow and catch some of them.”
     Overhearing them, the wisest one of the three fish called a meeting of all the fish and said, “We must move out of this pond tonight itself. There is no alternative.” 
The second fish also agreed. Loudly laughing, the third fish said, “Why should we leave this pond, the ancient home of our forefathers? We cannot escape death even if we go elsewhere. Everything is in the hands of God.
     Unable to convince him, the other two fish left the pond. The next day, the fishermen took a big catch of fish in the pond. The third fish was one among them.

Brahmadutt and the Crab

     Once, a man named Brahmadutt lived in a town. One day, he had to visit a faraway city. His mother asked him to take a companion with him as the journey could be dangerous.
     She gave him a small crab in a box. “This crab will be your companion on the journey,” she said.
     Brahmadutt laughed and asked, “How will this miserable creature be a useful companion to me?” But he could not disobey his mother either.
     Brahmadutt set out on his journey. After he had travelled for some time, he decided to rest under a tree.
     While he was asleep, a snake crept out of a cavity in the tree. While it was going towards Brahmdutt, the crab escaped from the box and promptly killed the snake.
     When Brahmadutt woke up, he found a dead snake near the box. He realised that the crab had saved his life.


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