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The Vampire Slayer Part IV - Quiet Peace

Updated on January 11, 2014

Honor, Strength, Weakness of the Heart

Submission. | Source
Reflection. | Source
Peace. | Source

When no one is around, do trees make noise?

During her down time, Shelly reflects on what has happened, what she needs to do and what to expect as an outcome. But what if all the rules change and she has no where to go from?

When Shelly woke up to find her daughter, Jaden, missing, she found herself weak in ways she never expected. And this time, all the power in her science-induced muscles would not help her repair the broken heart in her chest.

I should have known it was coming. Why didn't I smell the vampires? Why am I failing? Is my girl OK?

So many thoughts clouded Shelly's judgment and she found herself wearing down physically. Suddenly it occurred to her that it wasn't just lust, but any deep, intense emotions would have the same effect on her physical gifts.

The only way to save Jadan is to keep my strength.

With that thought, Shelly paced firmly to the door and slammed it open. The jerking motion cut her hand on the side, but just as she told herself that she was determined to keep her chemically-induced power, her ability to heal from wounds was renewed and the bleeding stopped within seconds.

Off she went to save her daughter and bring down what was left of the blood-sucking leeches.

Shelly came to a clearing and raised the hand with leftover blood into the air. The wound had healed, but caking blood laced between her fingers would be enough of a teaser for the vampires to show up. Now that the sun had set, it was a matter of minutes before they would try to ravage her flesh.

She could see a dark formation on the horizon moving and dangling in rows. This was her calling. She would find Jaden or die trying. Since she no longer feared death, and not just because her powers made her physically invincible, but because she had faced her worst fears and survived numerous times.

"Where is she?" Shelly yelled at the top of her lungs. No answer. The quiet was maddening. Her ears became so sensitive, the sound of her own heartbeat began to sound like pounding drums of a school marching band. She couldn't smell the vampires. What would she do if she failed this time?

From the deafening silence came a stream of humming jeeps. The enemy was nothing more than the government's own soldiers moving in to fight.

A single vehicle plowed across the sand and stopped just short of where Shelly was standing in full attack mode. From the window came a friendly voice saying, "We have Jaden. She's OK."

At that moment, Shelly's legs buckled and she was brought to her knees. The sudden fall to the ground made sand spray both ways as she clutched her face and broke down in sobbing tears.

Shelly was weaker that anyone would imagine. Her heart was all that needed to be attacked.

The soldiers brought Shelly to their private location where they'd sheltered her daughter, Jaden. She was relieved to find that it was merely a case of young love meeting for a touch during the night. Although she was also angry enough to hide Jaden in a bunker for the rest of her life, Shelly now found peace with her role in the universe.

It wasn't her job to be perfect. She merely had to try her best.

What would happen with the multitude of infected vampires running rampant among humanity? Shelly didn't know. She knew that scientists where working with her to find a cure for the illness. And while she hated to kill any of them to save the greater good, Shelly knew that it was necessary for the price of keeping the population safe.

When it came to her own kiddos, no one was safe against the wrath of a mother who's also the protector. Superpowers or not, Shelly was not a force to be reckoned with.

Once she was safely reunited with her two loves, Shelly's thoughts went back to Greg. She knew that he would be happy to hear everything was fine. It killed her to keep tight-lipped about her joy. She missed the fun they had as an extended family, however short their time together was.

Maybe some day, their legacy would be something to be shared with their grandchildren. For the present time, Shelly just couldn't see anything more than the present -- and was thankful for it.

Whatever would come was no longer expected, foreseen or taken for granted.

Until Greg sent a message about the vision he saw in his dream...


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