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The Various Seasons Of Love

Updated on January 14, 2011
Falling in love is always Springtime you become consumed 
with the sweet aura of floating on cloud mine.You feel as 
if you will be giddy forever.You can't fathom not loving 
your partner. It's that time of innocence and rebirth when 
love seems eternal, magical fresh and effortless.
Your partner becomes the perfect fit.
you feel as if the two 
of you dance together
in a balance that 
rivals the equinox.
Throughout the 
Summers of love 
you sometimes realize 
that your partner
isn't quite as perfect as 
you had originally thought,
and you actually have to 
work on your relationship.
Not only does your partner, 
he/she seem like
they are from some bizarre
sitcom called Slobbivia
but they also make mistakes, 
and carry scars and flaws.
Frustration and 
disappointment arise,
but these are simply weeds 
that need to be 
uprooted and discarded, 
it's all part of 
the growing process....
beneath the weeds 
lie lovely moments 
waiting to bloom.
Even when it is 
no longer as easy to give love
and get the love you need 
as it was in the beginning.
You discover that you're 
not always happy
and that you don't 
always feel loving.
Since this doesn't fit 
that perfect picture of love
many people at this point 
become disillusioned.
They expected 
Springtime all year, 
and blame their partner,
and often give up.
They don't understand 
that love isn't always easy
sometimes it requires hard work
under intense heat,
it is during this times
that you need to nurture
your partners needs 
as well as ask for
and get the love you need. 
This is when you really 
have to expand those 
communication skills.
Honesty is a seed that can 
blossom into fruitfulness
that can be shared forever.
As a result of all of that nurturing
of a somewhat stunted growth
you will get to harvest the results
of your work come Fall.
this is that golden time, rich and fulfilling.
You experience a 
more mature love 
that accepts and understands
imperfections, theirs as 
well as your own.
if the apple is a bit bruised,
it still makes a great pie.
it is a time of 
Thanksgiving and sharing. 
Having worked hard 
during the droughts
of Summer you can 
now relax a little 
and enjoy the love 
of a feast for two
that you have created....
without a lot of leftovers.
Then when the whethers
/weather changes again
you will experience 
some barren months
of winter when all the world 
pulls back into itself.
It's a time for rest and 
reflection and renewal.
Cozy fires, long hours 
indoors and cold nights
of cuddles beneath blankets.
it is also a time 
for solitary growth 
when you can look at 
more within yourself, 
as well as relying on 
your partner for 
love and fulfillment. 
It's a time of enjoying 
a muffled world
buried under ice and snow,
yet cozy warm inside.
Spring will inevitably return
blessing you with feelings of 
hope and abundant possibilities.
bursting from the confines 
of a loving relationship.
Based on the healing of feelings
and soul searching during two 
who shared a long winter journey
you'll be able to enjoy that 
Springtime of love
all over again.
I Love you really means,
I accept you for the 
person that you are, 
and I don't wish to 
change you into 
something other then yourself.
It means not expecting 
perfection from you
just as you don't 
expect it from me.
I love you means 
I will stand by you
even when you are 
in a bad mood, 
or too tired to do 
the things I want to do.
It means loving another 
when they are down, 
not just when they 
are fun to be with.
I love you means 
I know your deepest secrets
and do not judge you for them,
asking only in return that 
you not judge me for mine.
It means most of all that 
I am thinking of you, 
wanting and needing you,
and hoping you feel 
the same way for me
as the years blend us into one.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~MFB III


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    • Debarshi Dutta profile image

      Debarshi Dutta 

      8 years ago from Calcutta

      Oh MY GOD!!!

      A Thousand wows for this one accurate and most conclusive of your most beautiful a poem It is with so much wisdom and truth about love...even after all the truth so very well explained..if one fails the other..wonder who did not work hard enough.

      AS a poem with truth explained with absolute conviction this is one of your great poems..

      So profoundly too...Be always at the center as your love orbits round and around all the seasons as they years blend into one.

    • Micky Dee profile image

      Micky Dee 

      8 years ago

      Very beautiful as always! "I love you means

      I know your deepest secrets and do not judge you for them,

      asking only in return that you not judge me for mine." Thank you MFB!

    • Joy56 profile image


      8 years ago

      quite a statement and you speak so confidently about these things,,,,, how can you be so sure.....

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Richert 

      8 years ago from Southern Illinois

      OH SOO VERY BEAUTIFUL and the words are true from start to finish.

      True love grows over time,

      just like your words of rhyme,

      Sometimes the road together gets off track,

      but if you both are truly soul-mates in love,

      it can be brought back,

      it,s God,s gift from heaven above.


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