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The Veil of Denial

Updated on September 13, 2011

The Veil of Denial

By Tony DeLorger © 2011

How veiled the truth can sometimes be,

beneath the shell of our complex visions.

How immersed we are in their detail,

when reality stands waiting at its core,

hidden within the folds of clothed lies.

We are not just privy to their deceptions,

we created them out of self-denial.

We are not open to them because we hold fear

close to our breast and before our eyes.

We cannot see because we keep our eyes shut,

guided by a false vision of reality.

Somehow blame has eclipsed acceptance,

and all that remains within us is treasury.

When will we learn the beauty of sight,

that denial is a false prophet of truth,

and that unencumbered vision is freedom.

Truth has never resided in periphery,

in the coloured clothing of thoughts and actions.

It resides within the stark light of reality,

untouched by human confusion.

Truth exists without our clumsy considerations,

It simply is.

The veil exists because we need to understand.

The veil is the lesson, the truth the reward.

When revealed it not always easy,

but we grow and in understanding,

become true to us as a result.


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