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The Violent World As We Grow It

Updated on May 16, 2015

We are growing a very violent world as we are growing in it. I’m not really sure how in this day and age, knowing everything we have learned from countless wars, genocides, gendercides, political unrest, violent protests, how some of us still feel that war, terrorism, and violence is our only option. How can a leader of any country go and publicly threaten another country with a nuclear attack?

How can police force kill an unarmed person and then people who are against police brutality and violence go and commit violence and brutality themselves? How can it be that we have not evolved beyond the obvious uselessness of violence? If we are not alone in the Universe, either because life has developed on other planets just as it did here or some divinity has created and is watching over this one special little world in the vastness and emptiness of everything, how are we representing ourselves? How is our barbaric nature make us look to the rest of the Universe?

If we were created in an image of a divine being and were given free will, how is it that our will is still taking us after all these years towards violence and not acceptance? What does that say of our “creator”? When are we going to grow out of it? If we are a part of a larger world full of life found beyond this dust ball, how can we be seen as different from the animals we kill, and have nothing to do with intelligent life? There is not much beauty left in the world and somehow we all crave beauty only to destroy it.

We have no regard for our own future, let alone the future of our own children, despite what we shove down each other’s throats about the sanctity of life. Sanctity of life apparently only exists if you are a particular someone and only that someone that you are willing to accept and admit is just like you. However, isn’t the world we live in the embodiment of diversity? How is it that the horrors of what we do to each other in the name of whatever our beliefs are have been so easily accepted? Have we all been exposed to too much violence? Are we turning a blind eye or are we all just too busy keeping our sanity because after all, if you’d care and worry about everything you’d eventually lose it. How is it that we have been fighting to eliminate hunger in the world for many years now and we are not making much of an impact?

How could it be that there are countries where being a woman, a homosexual, a different race or faith is still seen as something acceptable to be eradicated? No, we can’t all get along or understand the motives for how we live our lives, but aren’t we all grown up enough to sort of take a step back, live and let live?Are the leaders of our countries and the mega corporations feeding on and depending on us hating everything around us? We are for sure not benefiting from the violence, neither is the world around us. Let us face it; the world is capable of supporting the 7+ billion people on earth. We could feed everyone; we could end homelessness, and violence. It will not be easy, but it can be done, although it would take a tremendous effort from all us and unfortunately we would all have to learn how to live without greed.

We’re all greedy, we work for greedy corporations, we choose greedy people to run our towns and countries, we believe that greed is the future, collect as much as possible, surround yourself with as much as possible and all will be well. We do not see it as our responsibility to share. We cannot peacefully share the road with other drivers' most days; we treat our families like necessary evil we have to spend time with at holiday parties. We disrespect our elders, and feel that getting older is something we should treat as something shameful.

We are never going to advance beyond our greed, not as long as we put a price on health and knowledge through the inequality of medical care and education. We are never going to advance beyond our selfishness, our own needs and wants if we do not begin with respecting those who are close to us and then expanding that circle to include everyone we come across. Our respect should also include the world around us. We should respect it because despite what we all think and how we feel about our own magnificence over all living things we should not forget that our very survival depends on all of those living things, theirs will continue just fine without us.


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