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The Voice of One! by #jeolmoz2

Updated on September 24, 2016

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Special Thanks To:

Linda 'Sunshine' Bilyeu for her unconditional support.

Maria Jordan for helping me tell these stories.

Mike Friedman, publisher and illustrator extraordinaire.

And...Last but never, ever least...The Coach Mickey Clayton and his crew...Gerald Tookes, Clayton Smith and Alvin Hollins, Jr. from INSiiGHTS.

My eBook...The Voice of One!



As certain athletes climbed to the top of their respective field, I sympathized more with their humanity rather than their accomplishments because of my childhood memories. A great number of us are prisoners of the moment ; tending to judge athletes through their accomplishments on the field of competition, while ignoring their human struggles. I however choose to celebrate their accomplishments in a different way. I do not hate on greatness. On the contrary, I salute it. I always reference their humanity first and almost totally ignore their statistical accomplishments. Life is a multitude of random events and so are the sports topics in my eBook, The Voice of One!

The man was a true warrior!


Content Table

Chapter 1 ~ My main man...Vic
Chapter 2 ~ Meeting Hank Aaron
Chapter 3 ~ Standup Guys
Chapter 5 ~ Nicknames
Chapter 6 ~ Tiger Woods
Chapter 7 ~ Michael Jordan
Chapter 9 ~ George Steinbrenner
Chapter 10 ~ The Protectors of the Game

This eBook is primarily dedicated to the memory of my Tio Berto

“… Te portas bien, no quiero oir quejas!” Those were my uncle’s last words to me from his hospital bed. It’s Puerto Rican slang and it basically means “…you behave; I don’t want to hear complaints!” I was a young lad back then and it was more than forty years ago, but as time has gone by; lately the words have resonated louder and louder inside my head. My uncle was not tall in stature, but the man was built like a boulder. When he was diagnosed with leukemia, the cancerous bone disease would have its’ hands full until it finally got the best of him at that hospital. When he knew the end was near, he sent for me and my little sister. The nurse snuck us in through a service elevator and into his room where we joined my mother. He spoke to all us for a good while and just before the nurse was about to take us back downstairs he called me over, and said...

“… Te portas bien , no quiero oir quejas!” And I’ve been trying to do right ever since.

It has not been easy.

Regrets? I have a whole bunch. Among them a failed marriage and a strained relationship with my first born are just two of my epic ones, but whenever I feel at my worse I remember those words,

“… you behave; I don’t want hear complaints!”

My uncle met death like a warrior. It’s not a cliché, over the years, I just picture him in his hospital room arguing with the Grim Reaper,

“… you aren’t taking me nowhere you &% $# ^&# ‘till I say goodbye to my favorite nephew.”

The man was a true warrior!

Baseball was his passion and I always dreamt of one day reaching the Majors, hitting a standup double and taking the second base pad as a trophy in honor of his memory. Some things are just met to remain dreams. Sports did turn into a refuge, nevertheless.

Sunshine on January 4, 2015

"...I enjoy learning more about what happens off the field, more than on the field and that is what The Voice of One gave me as a reader...not the stats that do not interest me, but the who, when, what, why and where from behind the scenes. A wonderful tribute to Tio Berto, who obviously set some good examples to the author. I appreciated learning some new sports facts and the added humor was a home run with all bases loaded! 5 stars!"

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"...Life doesn't run away from nobody...Life runs at people!", Joe Frazier

"Life doesn't run away from nobody...Life runs at people!" - Joe Frazier
"Life doesn't run away from nobody...Life runs at people!" - Joe Frazier | Source

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