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The Wanderers We Are

Updated on July 22, 2016

An Inspirational Poem

Like tools for the plantation,
We stand in God's vast Creation;
To tend and water,
But never to alter,
The order in Nature's ever-blooming garden.
On and on, we must hasten,
Lest in our slumber we grow blunt and rusty;
For there's no regard for the discarded and dusty.
The glory of the harvest isn't ours
Ours is in our fitness for the labours.
We last not long in memory
Our footprints in the sands are but a mockery;
For soon they're washed away by wind or water,
Or lost in the many trampling feet hastening thereafter.
It is not all about us
It never was
All attempts as such is a waging of internal wars
The earth bears not our testimony for all eternity;
Like specks of dusts, earthman is a fleeting entity.
Perhaps after we're gone
And many moons and seasons are come and gone,
Some fellow might stand in awe,
and say, "Aye,
To my discerning eye,
Some genius never slept, not even on an oar."


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