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The Warrior's Fight

Updated on June 9, 2012

Fighting on Their Knees

Twenty years of battle
Who knows how many more
The warrior will be
Fightin’ in the war
He’ll get no medals for
Never receive a purple heart
Still you’ll never hear him
Complain about doin’ his part

But the end is sure
The victory secure
The warrior is heaven bound

Christ upon the cross was the
Moment that sealed his victory
So everyday the warrior goes
To battle down upon his knees
Firing off the shots that
Cause the enemy to run
Cause the enemy knows he can’t stand
Against the power of God’s son

But the end is sure
The victory secure
The warrior is heaven bound

One stray bullet won’t pierce
The warriors heart
Cause with God by his side
He is always on guard
Ready for the enemies sneak attacks
The warrior will never give up
He will always be fightin’ back

The end is secure
The victory sure
The warrior is heaven bound


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    • shiningirisheyes profile image

      Shining Irish Eyes 5 years ago from Upstate, New York

      I tip my hat to you for writing something that is so special to me. So much valor and so little complaining.

      Voting up

    • writer20 profile image

      Joyce Haragsim 5 years ago from Southern Nevada

      This is a awesome poem.

      Voted up and brilliant, Joyce.