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The Waves Wait for No One

Updated on November 30, 2017

The Light Was Burning Out As You Were Burning Bright

You were like a pearl entrapped within my shell.

I would open up just to show you everything I had, and the second I did, and you got the slightest taste of light, I snapped closed.

You stayed so hidden in my shell that the least I could do was open up just enough to give you a little glimpse of the light that exists in the open air.

But now I realize the only reason I ever showed you the light, was so that you wouldn't leave me alone in the dark.

That ended up being something neither of us could control.

One day, I finally opened up just long enough for you to truly see me. As the light hit your skin, a wave.

It crashed hard against us, dismantling our cozy little home. When I thought it was over, the next wave came, knocking me harder than the first. Then the next, then the next, then the next.

As it finally ended, and I got to shore, broken, bruised, and gasping for air, I looked up and realized you were no where to be found. I screamed your name but all I could hear was the crashing of the tide.

I searched all night for you, thinking that you'd turn up somewhere, but everywhere I looked wound up being sand, stone, and water.

As the morning sun rose over the bay, I thought that there might be some hope to see you glow in the sun you never got the chance to shine in.

I ran, fast, up and down every angle of the shore.

Several things glow in the pale light of the sun, but I knew you would gleam the brightest.

As I should've known, my search came up empty.

I'm sorry I never found you. I'm sorry I stopped looking. I'm sorry you wanted what was best for me while I let the outside world destroy me.

At this point, I can only hope you're still searching for me, as I have lost all hope in ever finding you.

I hope you're okay, I hope you have time, and I hope your light shines brighter.


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    • ahorseback profile image

      ahorseback 17 months ago

      Amazing ! Couldn't have been said better !......:-]