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The Way It Works Out: An Imaginative Fun Little Read

Updated on November 10, 2017

The Way It Works Out and All by Peter S. Beagle

The Way It Works Out and All by Peter S. Beagle

So I am staying in the world of short stories. I’ve been reading a lot of good stuff out the 29th edition of The Years Best Science Fiction and I want to keep reading. I know both The Martian and Tommyknockers are sitting on my shelf half-finished but these little stories are fun, so the novels will have to wait. This time around the story is called The Way It Works Out and All by Peter S. Beagle.

The story focuses on a man, referred to as Pedro Don, who receives post cards from a good friend Avram but they make little sense. They come daily from a different an area of the world which is impossible considering there is no way to travel that quickly and do the things he done. In the cards he mentions the Overneath. Then Avram comes home. Pedro meets him. Avram seems insane talking crazy until he shows Pedro the impossible. Through certain movements and mindset he can transport himself to this tunnel world where he can teleport to anywhere he wishes. Though mesmerized by this new discovery Pedro soon learns that the hard hat inhabitants of this hub world don’t like them.

The good? Though simple, it is incredibly original. A lot of imagination went into this. Also I like how this story focused on friendship. I don’t see that done too often in stories that focus on older to middle aged men. So it was nice.

The bad? The detail is lacking and the story is too short. I know it’s supposed to be a short story, but I felt it should be longer.

Overall, it’s a good little read. It’s not amazing but fun and imaginative. Read it if you stumble across it.

Overall Rating: An Imaginative Fun Little Read

3 Smoothies out of four

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