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The Way of Kings Book Review

Updated on October 20, 2017

The Way of Kings (The Stormlight Archive #1) by Brandon Sanderson is one of the most popular and highly rated Fantasy series in the world, today. It has reached this reputation with good reason.

The story begins with the origin story of Kalidon, the son of a surgeon who is coerced into joining the military. He is later betrayed by his superior officer and sold into slavery. He is eventually brought to the Shattered plains where he is made a bridgemen which is basically cannon fodder against the Parshendi, the enemy of the Alethi empire who declared war after the assassination of their king. He, later, discovers that he is able to absorb stormlight which gives him special powers.

Szeth is the assassin that killed the Alethi king. He is trained with martial arts and also has the power to use stormlight which makes him nearly invincible. He believes himself to be a slave because of some wrong doing in his homeland and honor bound to kill whomever his master, at the moment, commands him to. He is kind of like a samurai or ninja who bases his entire life to servitude through killing.

Shallon is a noblewoman from a dying House. She is sent to Jasnah, the dead king’s daughter to steal an object that she believes will save her home. She studies under Jasnah and discovers that she also has the power of stormlight.

Dalinar is the brother of the assassinated king and one of the highprinces that command the armies against the Parshendi. He is cursed with visions of the past that warn of history repeating itself and another apocalypse approaching. The other highprinces think he is insane, but he knows that he must unite the Alethi empire and prepare for the upcoming catastrophe.

I know that it seems that I have given away a lot of the story, but trust me, this is only a taste of the expansive world, highly detailed plot and a few of the many dynamic characters that Mr. Sanderson has created. Keep in mind that these books are over a thousand pages long. So, it will take a great deal of commitment. There are supposed to be ten books in the series, but only two are out so far. The third is coming out this year. I will be giving another review on Words of Radiance, Stormlight #2 in a later post.

Brandon Sanderson builds worlds that are so detailed and imaginative that he could easily be the Tolkien of this century. He was already a bestselling author before Stormlight with his Mistborn trilogy among others, but this is his magnum opus. Anyone who loves fantasy must pick up a copy.

Those of you who have read the book, go ahead and give your own personal rating of it, here.

5 stars for One of the best fantasy series of this century!!

© 2017 Will Farrar


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