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The Wedding - Nicholas Sparks (Book Review)

Updated on October 23, 2014

The Wedding returns to the setting Nicholas Sparks created in The Notebook in order to tell the tale of a 30 year old marriage that has lost its spark. The protagonist, Wilson, reflects back on his marriage after seeing signs that his wife, Jane, may be falling out of love with him. Amid planning for his daughter's wedding he hatches a plan to rekindle their love.

Sparks explores three generations of family in telling the story of Wilson and Jane's marriage. Loyal fans may recall Noah Calhoun, Wilson's father-in-law, from The Notebook. He dispenses sage advice in addition to being the star of his own subplot. The living children of Wilson and Jane also have their stories told, as they offer unique perspectives and reactions to Wilson's behavior when dating his wife anew.

The Wedding is ultimately the story about one man's attempt to salvage his marriage after contributing years of emotional neglect. The novel includes romantic prose, as should be expected, but only after first telling the rather unromantic approaches taken by Wilson when he first started dating Jane. If the first half of their marriage was a successful accident, then one might say Wilson's revelation is that the marriage can only be a future success if he acts with purpose to save it.

The book is a quick read and unequivocally charming in both bumbling and romantic characterizations of its protagonist. The relationship between Wilson and Jane provides the reader with an opportunity to be introspective about one's own love life throughout the years. While The Wedding may not ever see the commercial success of its predecessor, it separates itself from many of Sparks' other works by being well-suited to an aging audience.

Sparks, Amazon's 33rd best selling novelist as of the publishing of this article, has had several of his books adapted into movies. The movies typically differ from the book in some way so that even loyal fans of the books can look forward to some kind of twist. This does present a difficulty when it comes to novel sequels; The Wedding follows the novel The Notebook, but does not pick up where the film ends. A movie sequel based on The Wedding is unlikely due to the added difficulty this creates. This is one book you cannot wait to experience on the silver screen.

© 2014 Joe Dowgiallo


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