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The Wheel Keeps On Turning

Updated on January 19, 2009

When the wheel of life turns,

it could be signaling that a new journey or adventure is at hand. The wheel turning maybe an indication of change and/or tranformation. This is a time to look at where you are in your life's journey. Is this an end or the beginning of a journey? Is this where you are supposed to be?

This may be the moment in time when you strongly affect the lives of those around you. If your life is at a stalemate maybe it time to take a chance and spin the wheel for a little motivation, change or encouragement.

The natural cycles of the Earth maybe an example of how the wheel turns. The seasons may be used to mark these changes. Maybe now it's time to look at what current season you are in, in relationship to where you are in your journey or if you prefer...your quest. Maybe a change of scenery for a while would help? The changing of the seasons and the changing of your attitude go hand in hand? Changes are part of the natural cycle of the wheel. Why not look for these changes as inspiration? Look at what phase the moon is in right now in conjunction with your harmony of your surrounding. Coincidence? Maybe...if you believe in that kind of thing. Right?

Maybe now is the time to take inventory of the situation and decide what must be done? Is there something to be learned? Or, maybe something needed to be practiced? Maybe it's time for a change? Is it time to take a chance on something new....Maybe you should SPIN THE WHEEL?

On some larger scale the wheel may be an indicator that it is time for the passing of authority or to pass along the power from one person or place to another. The wheel reminds us that change is natural, and that fighting the motion of the wheel turning will only disrupt the natural balance your life's rhythm. It is the universe's way of suggesting that you become more flexible and fluid with life. Freedom lies within the motion of the wheel turning. Fighting by clinging on to what is no longer necessary just wastes energy. When the wheel is in motion, change is in the wind, and change is inevitable. 

The change brought upon by the wheel turning, may be the manifestation of your goal. The journey of the search for your ideas, is your own journey in life. Again, a quest if you so wish to call it that. Remember, a true quest will lead you into the unknown. Possibly this is an inward journey, or maybe an outward quest. As the wheel turns on your journey, there will be challenges to overcome. Your journey teaches lessons on how to conquer the challenges that lie ahead.

Entering into an unknown territory there is always new knowledge to be found. As with any true quest, you will always encounter people along the way that have the wisdom, insihgt or the tools you need to help you find your way. Doors will be opened for you...if you are on your right path.

A journey can bring to you strength, endurance, and confidence. You may be instrumental in helping others find their way, for sometimes journeys can intersect. The quest may also show you the things in life that you should hold scared. Perhaps, by listing the things that are most important to you in your life would help you gain a little perspective about yourself. List carefully to see what is truly important to you in life. Studying your list may give you clues about the truth of the nature of who you are.

Maybe its time to point into a new direction, or change onto a new path? Look to the direction of the path that you might take, or to someone that may help you along the way.

Maybe its time time to get your bearings and think about where you are in relation to where you want to be. The wheel is turning. It maybe a signal that it is time to prepare for change.

Your new adventures may await you.

Nicky Swann sings "Wheels Keep On Turning"

"Spinning Wheel" by Blood, Sweat and Tears


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  • profile image


    7 years ago

    The essence of life is spiritual growth. This is an evolutionery step. It is necessary, as stated above, to learn certain fundamental elements that will assist the growth of our spirit. The first was LOVE. Love yourself, love someone else, love your neighbor, love life, love your children, etc. Even love GOD, if you believe in him.

    At my count, we are nearing the end of the 7th turn and we still have not found the key that will allow us to progress to the next level. Some people know this and would prefer to keep living as humans and make sure that the progression fails. "Burn down the Mission". When you are afraid of what's next, and comfortable with what you have, the thought of "change" is undesireable.

    Some people are still searching, and some are trying to tell all of us what to do to facilitate the change or Transformation, as the word was used above, whether by meditating, religion, internal belief structure, clearing filters cloogged by its experience, etc.

    Elton John starts out one of his songs with the following words: "If you think this is real....." And he is referring to life. Well, unfortunately, alot of us do think it is real. And it is real to the extent of it being a test of our spirit. We are suppose to determine during it exactly what we need to know so that we can take the next step. And then we are suppose to demonstrate that we do know the answer.

    Unfortunately the Wheel has turned too many times and things are getting totally distorted. We are so hung up on the reality we know, that we can't see the future or let us say: "THE LIGHT".

    Some see it and want it. Some think that others are holding them back. Some even think there is a dude that doesn't get it. There is always an excuse for not being able to achieve it, notallowing us to stop the turn, and progressing.

    It is clear enough to me to be able to tell you that whatever you think it may be... it is probably the opposite, but not unloving in nature, just unnatural to us.

    There is an old saying: if you love someone and you want to be with them, it doesn't mean you will be able to change them to feel the same thing. You can't change someone's spirit.

    Personally, I think we have to learn that in order to understand love and feel every element of it, we need to make the decision to consciously walk away from it, as if it were a drug addiction. Until we do, we won't be strong enough to take the next step.

    Sarah MacLachlan had all the answers. Unfortunately now she is getting totally twisted and vengeful. But what do you expect on the 7th turn.

    If we dont figure this out soon, the eighth turn is going to be a disaster, ask Cheryl Crowe.

    The message and answers are in plain sight, they are in the music, or were in the music. Now its geting very very dark. Everyone has to wake up. Including the spirits of the songwriters, who think they must know everything. I am here to tell them they do not anymore.

    SO DOES THE WhEEL KEEP ON TURNING? Or do we get our act together and fall out of love with this place and ourselves, reinventing everything in plastic, that was already made by GOD?

    WHo knows, maybe the answer will be in the next song you hear.

    Sorry for typos, its 5AM. Had to get up to write this.

  • G-Ma Johnson profile image

    Merle Ann Johnson 

    9 years ago from NW in the land of the Free

    "If you find the directing sign"  "Let it shine.. shine within your mind" "Someone is waiting just for you" Blood Sweat AND Tears...yessss.."drop all your troubles at the riverside"

    Nicky Swann's ... was also good :o) ...her voice is great...and  all journey's bring you something..good or bad...but one needs to learn and respect the


    alcohol trip or drug trip..I have had my drug trips...oh no G-Ma not you...well yes, I smoked some  pot..I was living in Berkeley in the 60's -70's and part of the 80' I must   say  I had my      share    of   fun...but also knew it was not the Thing for me...

    Helping other's Is always good...but first you must Help yourself...if you don't truly love cannot love anyone else...seems you are learning to Love You and that is great...G-Ma :o) Hugs & Peace

  • anjalichugh profile image


    9 years ago from New York

    Nicky Swann's 'Wheels...' was awesome. I agree that in the course of our journey we stumble on people who guide us and take us to the next higher level. Thx for a very nice hub.

  • eovery profile image


    9 years ago from MIddle of the Boondocks of Iowa

    Nice inspiring thoughts.

    Keep on hubbing

  • Mighty Mom profile image

    Susan Reid 

    9 years ago from Where Left is Right, CA

    Right on, St. James. I love your philosophical thoughts and the photo you selected! Here's another song that relates. "Circle of Life" from The Lion King:

    From the day we arrive on the planetAnd blinking, step into the sunThere's more to see than can ever be seenMore to do than can ever be doneThere's far too much to take in hereMore to find than can ever be foundBut the sun rolling highThrough the sapphire skyKeeps great and small on the endless roundIt's the Circle of LifeAnd it moves us allThrough despair and hopeThrough faith and loveTill we find our placeOn the path unwindingIn the CircleThe Circle of LifeIt's the Circle of LifeAnd it moves us allThrough despair and hopeThrough faith and loveTill we find our placeOn the path unwindingIn the CircleThe Circle of Life


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