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The White Lily Stereotype Arrangement

Updated on December 9, 2012
Is it possible for something so innocent to be more than its appearance?
Is it possible for something so innocent to be more than its appearance?

Have learned that appearances can be deceiving

The picture of innocence and virtue could hide

Something more sinister than anyone ever expected

The 2012 version of Ward Cleaver could win Father of the Year

And be carrying more skeletons in his designer closet than a science lab

Better to judge a person by their character than what's on the outside

Met a girl who resembled a porcelain doll minus the demonic eyes

Looked like she could break if she was taken off of her oak pedestal

Forced to remain a prisoner in her own personal ivory tower

Desperately needing the help that only an Exorcist could cure

Not even Prince Charming knew how to break her out

When she didn't have the strength to leave the arrangement herself

Fighting to gather the strength to be more than a living doll

Burning the dreadful pretty pink Princess dress to the ground

Chopping off each Cocker Spaniel Chestnut curl effortlessly

Ready to kick down the once bolted bright red front door

Pulling into the black Honda Accord and burning as much rubber

Without leaving a trace of the past behind

Forging a new identity made of a blood and breakable bones

No Porcelain necessary


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