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The Wicked Wombat

Updated on August 26, 2015
A wicked wombat, cunning and sly,
Did set out on a quest,
To subjugate and dominate,
All the fauna the eye could see
From furthest east to furthest west.

From dingoes to quolls,
And everything between,
All would kiss her paw,
And sing the songs, 
Of their new found wicked queen.

Muscular legs and sharpened claws
Would dig the tunnels neath the ground:
Stealthiness was the plan
To vanquish her rivals
And become the most feared wombat around.

One by one, and night after night,
The would-be queen's foes did fall,
At her hands, they suffered,
And settled into their demise,
Across the land, the queen had cast a pall.

With her reputation growing,
And fear ever spreading,
The wicked wombat went into hiding,
Counting on the unknown,
And the mindset of always dreading.  

Celebrating over her new found station,
Flaunting her freshly acquired power
The wicked wombat made a crucial error,
Overconfidence and miscalculation
Had turned her mood quite dour.

You see, humans are the great enemy,
For which the wombat could not plan,
All her efforts went for naught,
When she came face to face,
With the destructive force known as man.

© 2014 monroekelly


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