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The Will to Go On

Updated on October 23, 2013

A seed is planted
In silent soil with no knowledge or choice
As a baby is born
In foreign lands without freedom nor voice

Where the will exists
Hope will bloom
Even in a broken hearts empty tomb
Where despair takes root
Hope will die
As soon as the baby leaves the womb

You cannot feed the poor
With speeches
Nor alter the truth
But until perception fails
What is spoken
Will poison our youth

The will to live
Is tied to our pleasure
The will to die
Begins when we lose our treasure

For no man’s sake
Will an evil man suffer
While his oratory is a rose garden
His actions blacken the gutter

Is it any wonder we cling to our vices
For when the angry streets are our home
And there is no welcome wherever we roam
Then what comfort can be bought
Except in a dark alley at night
From the man who provides artificial light?

And yet a sad woman on the corner smiled today
She laughed aloud despite her circumstance
With no need for ambition or upward mobility
She already knew who would give her a chance

She was asked why she was born in Mexico
Why not ask why she has the will to live?
But in the eyes of her daughter lies the answer
And Jesus knows who it is that he will forgive


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