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The Wind and the Willow Tree

Updated on January 7, 2014
Willow by Kyle Evans
Willow by Kyle Evans | Source

The Wind and the Willow Tree by Solara Frost 2003

The Wind & the Willow Tree

Love is like a weeping willow tree,

Standing against the wind,

For love to grow steady,

Both lovers must bend,

Swaying in the wind,

Can be a scary thing,

But in each others arms,

The warmth it does bring,

The weeping willow strong and stern,

Could always stand alone,

But by giving here and there,

It makes a loving home,

For each to give a part of themselves,

To take away parts too,

Does not leave you nothing,

It leaves one being,

Standing strong... not two,

To give up a pattern,

That you've grown use to,

You must weigh the wind against the willow,

To create a whole new you,

To see you have not lost,

But gained all you can be,

The love that makes the willow bend,

Can stand eternity!



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