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"The Wolf In Us" by Rolly A. Chabot

Updated on June 19, 2013


I have been with Hug Pages off and on for the past four years and have come across many talented writers. The genres vary and yet they are all inspirational and often so very talented.

This morning we find ourselves under yet another fresh blanket of snow. The land has been made clean and new again and yes it is a blessing to see. Just behind the clouds the sun is attempting to break out and smile down upon us for a few hours. It is a good day.

This morning I would like to try something totally and completely out of my comfort zone. I think life is a learning process and you my fellow writers have given inspiration. What on earth is he up to now you may ask?

Well gather around the Fireside and lets see what happens when I attempt to write a poem. "What is that Willis? you may ask. That's right a poem. "Bare with me and entertain me please"... he says as he steps forward in trepidation and some doubt.

Know that you are dearly loved...



It is I Who Calls

I stand alone in the dark of night

Alone, so alone and yet so near

The cold is near and yes I live in the same world as you

Yet who is it that hears my plight.

Few have come and learned of me

Even less have stayed and watched me grow

For me the world I choose I live to play

Where only few can say they are me.

Who am I you may ask

I am the one who like you must care

For those who I have sired and taken to call my own

I am the one called like you who has taken to the task.

I watch from a distance as you tend to your loves

I smile and think of how much we are the same

You see you are no different as you work and you play

We both are the same, we have been blessed from above.

I wish I could speak of the misunderstanding I have been given

You see I am the wolf who cares for his own

We are the same in so many ways I too stand and call out

And like you I care for what is mine like you I am driven.

Listen close on the nights that are cold and forlorn

Listen to my call from hilltop so high as I announce I have survived

Yet another day at your hand, why is it you hunt me

In such cruel hard ways with little escape I run from evening to morn.

Take but a moment to think of my plight

I like you raise family whom I care for and feed

Take time to forget of the movies and songs misunderstood

For I am the one who suffers it is I who is in flight.

Your trophies you hang with the little thought of but relief

They line your walls like they belong

You stand and you brag of your courageous endeavours

With weapons so powerful that bring nothing but grief.

Please oh please I beg you to stop come close and listen to the call

Yes they are my family just as yours are yours

Come stand with me and I will not harm you

Listen to me closely before another must fall.

I am the wolf who you may fear

I am sorry for what you must think

I ask you to take the time to learn of who you are afraid

In your world you are cautious of even those you hold dear.

What a shame it is my friend

As I hear you call out and shed your tears

You stand ever so tall and whisper your fear in troubled times

Of the world we watch slowly come to an end.

© Rolly A. Chabot


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    • Rolly A Chabot profile image

      Rolly A Chabot 3 years ago from Alberta Canada

      Hi ladybluewriter.... Merry Christmas and welcome to the Fireside... The wolf is an amazing animal when you take the time to observe and be close with their spirits. Far to often they are not understood... It is a true shame.... Thank you for caring as you do.

      Hugs from Canada

    • ladybluewriter profile image

      ladybluewriter 3 years ago from United States

      I really enjoyed this one. My great grandfather was Muskogee Creek who came from the clan of the wolf. The wolf is within my spirit to honor and respect their way of life and preserving them for posterity. My own sister is called Strong Wolf.

    • Rolly A Chabot profile image

      Rolly A Chabot 4 years ago from Alberta Canada

      Good Morning Tony... welcome to the Fireside and thank you for reading this the first of an attempt. Yes the craft like any does require honing and changing. It was a fun one to write...

      Warmest regards from Canada

    • tonymead60 profile image

      Tony Mead 4 years ago from Yorkshire


      very good effort and a very good subject to choose. I enjoy reading poetry, but I'm old fashioned I like it tohave form and rythem and to ryhme too. If this is your first effort then you have done a good job, perhaps you should work on it, all writing is an art that needs cultivating and practice.

      regards Tony

    • Rolly A Chabot profile image

      Rolly A Chabot 4 years ago from Alberta Canada

      Hi Jackie... I do love green tea hot or cold. I will try some ginger root and see what happens. I have been using a Bee Pollen spray for the throat and it has been helping... you are a dear for sharing this with us...

      Hugs and Blessings from Alberta Canada

    • Rolly A Chabot profile image

      Rolly A Chabot 4 years ago from Alberta Canada

      Hi Nellieanna... welcome to the Fireside and pleased you found this little writing hit home. Afraid the plight of many poor animal that we have chosen to destroy in our quest for power... it is so very sad. Thank you for the encouragement.

      Hugs and Blessings from Canada

    • Nellieanna profile image

      Nellieanna Hay 4 years ago from TEXAS

      Rolly, such sensitive, empathetic and tragic words. A most honorable first poem. One cannot help but feel it, word by word.

    • Rolly A Chabot profile image

      Rolly A Chabot 4 years ago from Alberta Canada

      Hi sgbrown... thanks for adding to the voice like many here. I wrote a three novel series called "Checkers Corner" and one of the main characters is a wolf called Checkers and his interaction with a man and his wife.

      It was all my pleasure to have spent many an hour watching these very social animals.

      Hugs from Canada

    • Rolly A Chabot profile image

      Rolly A Chabot 4 years ago from Alberta Canada

      Hi lrc7815... First and foremost welcome to the Fireside, good to have you here with us. Feel free to visit as often as you like.

      What an awesome thing to read of another who loves the Wolf. They are so very solitary and yet very social at the same time when they are with each other. They do not kill indiscriminately as they are portrayed far to often. They do so to eat and feed their families.

      Thank you for standing up for them and speaking out as you have here.

      Hugs from Canada

    • Rolly A Chabot profile image

      Rolly A Chabot 4 years ago from Alberta Canada

      Hi MartieCoetser... welcome to the Fireside and glad to have you with us. Always a pleasure to have someone new come along and share their thoughts and comments.

      Poetry is something I have always loved and thought I would give it a try... the wolf has always been a fascination for me after spending so much time with them in the North. They have been so misunderstood.

      Welcome Hugs from Canada

    • sgbrown profile image

      Sheila Brown 4 years ago from Southern Oklahoma

      Such a wonderful piece! So beautiful and thought provoking! I have a great deal of awe and respect for the wolves. You have spoken well for them here. Voting up and awesome! :)

    • lrc7815 profile image

      Linda Crist 4 years ago from Central Virginia

      I could not leave fan mail and not read something so I scanned your hubs and was instantly drawn to the title of this one. My connection to wolves began as a young girl and I have fought for their protection and reintroduction for over three decades. So, I began reading and discovered with excitement another brilliant writer who loves them too. More importantly, it is clear that you have taken the time to understand this beautiful creature and I share your belief that they have much to teach us. This was a delight for me to read and the perfect place for me to start my journey into your work. Nature connects us in ways that technology never will. Thank you sir, for this beautiful tribute to an amazing creature.

    • MartieCoetser profile image

      Martie Coetser 4 years ago from South Africa

      Nice to meet you, Rolly! (Via SilverGenes and the most coveted lollipop. Congratulations for being the 11th receiver of this sweet award :)

      If this is your first poem, you should write more. Very thought-provoking and profound!

    • Rolly A Chabot profile image

      Rolly A Chabot 4 years ago from Alberta Canada

      Hi rahul0324... thank you for the stop at the Fireside and welcome for certain. The wolf stands out in my mind the most because of the close association over the years.

      Rolly on Canada

    • rahul0324 profile image

      Jessee R 4 years ago from Gurgaon, India

      I hear the wolf.... I hear his plight.... I see his pain ... I feel his fight...

      Brilliant poetry with a moving motive I guess....

      Almost all higher living organisms have the same thought process to an extent .... and us humans ought to respect that

    • Rolly A Chabot profile image

      Rolly A Chabot 4 years ago from Alberta Canada

      Hi Deborah ... a good question really as it seems Canada in the far north is about the only part where they are safe. Keep signing and eventually the law makers will get the message.

      Hugs and Blessings from Canada

    • Deborah Brooks profile image

      Deborah Brooks Langford 4 years ago from Brownsville,TX

      what a great poem.. the wolf is so beautiful.. I sign all petitions to try and get people to quit killing these beautiful animals.. I wonder if it is even working

      great hub

      I am sharing


    • Rolly A Chabot profile image

      Rolly A Chabot 4 years ago from Alberta Canada

      Hi Sky... heh my friend, was just stinking of you the other day and wondering how you are... good to have you by the Fireside again and what a blessing.

      Hidden poet... smiles... well it was just an attempt and we wil see where it goes I guess... heading over your way now... love you dearly...

      Hugs and Blessing from Canada

    • skye2day profile image

      skye2day 4 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      Rolly Well well my bro I LOVE IT~~~~WOW!! The hidden poet man came out in you. I will bet it was always there but maybe you were not ready?? Just food for thought. I have missed your neighborhood at the fireside but pls know I will make it in for a visit!! It takes a time and some to get around these pages of love. I really hope you and yours are wonderful, healthy and have a most blessed new year my dear friend. I wish I could visit longer but I will need to take a rain check. I love your writing and you know it. I will return. God willing. Hugs to mrs quill and of course the quigley. (-; Do come over for a visit when you can.

      Love you brother. Keep em coming and keep shining that light! U will Phil 4:13

    • Rolly A Chabot profile image

      Rolly A Chabot 4 years ago from Alberta Canada

      Hi Vincent ... very encouraging words from a master poet... Thank you it means a great deal.

      Many people wonder what wild animals run from them yet if you consider the way they have been treated over the years I think it is justified.

      I love the Farside cartoons where the roles are reversed... I wonder what we would do... food for thought.

      Rolly in Alberta

    • Rolly A Chabot profile image

      Rolly A Chabot 4 years ago from Alberta Canada

      Hi Silvergenes ... what kind words my friend, you always have such kind words. I can tell you understand the plight of these magnificent creatures...

      Hugs from Alberta

    • Rolly A Chabot profile image

      Rolly A Chabot 4 years ago from Alberta Canada

      Hi Dana... thanks for the comment and the fear you feel is normal considering how the wolf has been portrayed. It is sad beacuse when you sit and watch a pack in the wild and once they know you have no intent to harm they are very sociable. They tolerate you being close but are still wary. I had a very old Alpha male that made his residence close to my cabin and I was able to get within 20 feet of him. Two old timers sitting on the ridge looking at the sunset... fond memories...

      Hugs from Canada

    • profile image

      Vincent Moore 4 years ago

      Rolly you have done the wolf proud. I have seen a few in my time and I've been mesermized by them. They are a beautifully intelligent animal and worthy of our respect not our hunting anger. It's sad that they are being decimated in various parts of both Canada and the USA.

      If only we could live in harmony with all animals given for our enjoyement and pleasure, not slaughter. Your words are poignant and I have a great respect for your first attempt at poetry. I agree totally with Moesky with his comments about rules and structures. Let your poetry out of your soul, I enjoyed this very much sir.

    • Rolly A Chabot profile image

      Rolly A Chabot 4 years ago from Alberta Canada

      Hi SiberianWolf... what an awesome name and I can understand the passion in your words. They are misunderstood in so many ways... man has portrayed them poorly and thus the loss. A man who has ever sat and watched a pack soon learns they understand each other far better than we ever will.

      Welcome to this Canadian Fireside... may you find peace here

      Rolly in Canada

    • Rolly A Chabot profile image

      Rolly A Chabot 4 years ago from Alberta Canada

      Hi Moesky ... thanks for the comment and the encouragement... thanks for following along and most of all welcome to the Fireside...

      Rolly in Canada

    • Rolly A Chabot profile image

      Rolly A Chabot 4 years ago from Alberta Canada

      Hi Mary... sorry about the delay I have my setting such that all need to be approved first... after a few bad comments filled with profanity I thought it best this way... sorry for the delay.

      Thank you for all the kind words, I am flattered...

      Blessings and Hugs back at you

    • profile image

      SilverGenes 4 years ago

      Rolly, I loved every word of this and the photo moved me very much, too. Wolves are magnificent animals and yes, much like us in many ways. Your poem may have been a new venture for you but you did it well and I really like the discipline of style. As for this beautiful wild world coming to an end, I'm hoping for a very different result and for the song from the hill and yours to continue a very long time.

    • Rolly A Chabot profile image

      Rolly A Chabot 4 years ago from Alberta Canada

      Hi Vocalcoach... sure have been coming through... I have not gotten around to getting back to you and the others... sorry... Thank you for the lovely comment, you are a dear...

      Hugs and Blessings from Canada

    • DanaTeresa profile image

      Dana Strang 4 years ago from Ohio

      This is really beautiful. I feel the pain of the wolf, the yearning to be understood, for the hunitng to end. He it right when he says that the wolf and the human want the same things....

      I admit, I am afraid of wolves. I always have been. But I also have a deep repsect and love for them. I would never dream of harming one directly or indirectly. I cannot understand the need for man to kill that things they fear. It accomplished nothing. The only thing to lessen fear is understanding. This poem illustrates that beautifully...

      Congrats on publishing your first poem. I look forward to more!!!

    • SiberianWolf profile image

      Eric T. Shortridge 4 years ago from MidWest

      Such a beautiful tribute... it's a shame this isn't fiction... so much truth in it... i often feel that writers/poets sometimes speak for those who cannot... this is a perfect example... I can only hope that one day soon mankind will finally learn to be in harmony with nature, instead of at war with it

    • profile image

      Moesky 4 years ago

      I wonder why poetry frightens so many people (especially writers) - it is, in my opinion, no more difficult than letting your heart speak through you (though you can make it more difficult by including rules and structure).

      Much prose is poetry already. This is a good poem, whether a first for you or not. Voted up!

    • Rolly A Chabot profile image

      Rolly A Chabot 4 years ago from Alberta Canada

      Hi CrisSp... wonderful to see you again and so glad you stopped. The words you have left are encouraging as always. Such a thoughtful person you are... thank you.

      Good to hear you are on the ground again... hope all is well with you.

      Blessings, Hugs and love from the ground... wave if you do a fly over. sometime

    • Rolly A Chabot profile image

      Rolly A Chabot 4 years ago from Alberta Canada

      Hi Gypsy... Thanks and glad to hear the wolf is a friend. While in the back country of the Yukon I was able to spend a great deal of time watching the wolves and their natural habitat. Always aware of me. They are amazing animals and serve as a family for the good of the pack. The sounds of the night would send chills up your spine but they in turn would never bother me as long as I left them alone...

      Stay warm... we are chilly here as well with snow and high winds... Quigley loves the in-floor heating and is curled up. Give Sid a good rub...

      Hugs and Blessings

    • tillsontitan profile image

      Mary Craig 4 years ago from New York

      Poets beware, Rolly has joined the fray and done a superb job! A poem with meaning and a message. The wolf is endangered and needs all the help we can give to keep it alive. Yes, he can be a fearsome creature, but as you've pointed out so well, he just wants to live his life, raise his family and he needs protection from senseless hunting and obliteration. Great, great job Rolly.

      Voted up, awesome, and beautiful. Shared to spread the word. God bless.

    • vocalcoach profile image

      Audrey Hunt 4 years ago from Nashville Tn.

      Rolly - This is magnificent - absolutely brilliant! You have "stretched your wings", trusted your instincts and opened yet another door to creative writing. I am sending this to my sister. She loves wolves and will love your poetry.

      I will find myself reading this most everyday. Thank you my beautiful friend for discovering your poetic diamond. How it sparkles!

    • CrisSp profile image

      CrisSp 4 years ago from Sky Is The Limit Adventure

      Who says you can't be a poet? I love this thought provoking piece and I can certainly feel it is coming straight from the heart of a perhaps misunderstood but brave warrior.

      You are a versatile writer and a wonderful one in your craft.

      Up and sharing this beautiful work.

      Love from the sky~

    • Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

      Gypsy Rose Lee 4 years ago from Riga, Latvia

      Voted up and awesome. What a wonderful poem to an animal which I find fascinating. I love wolves and wish I could see them in real life not just zoos. They make such wonderful music. Your poem told their story so well. Loved this. Hugs and send warm vibes this way 'cause tonight we've got -21° F. Passing this on.

    • Rolly A Chabot profile image

      Rolly A Chabot 4 years ago from Alberta Canada

      Hi Blossom... what a pleasant surprise to find you here. Thank you for your kind words and the encouragement... I did have some fun doing this, kind of the old way I suppose but it was fun...

      Hugs from Canada

    • BlossomSB profile image

      Bronwen Scott-Branagan 4 years ago from Victoria, Australia

      It's great to grit the teeth and try something new and you have done it so well. A thoughtful poem and I like the pattern: abca that you maintained all the way through.

    • Rolly A Chabot profile image

      Rolly A Chabot 4 years ago from Alberta Canada

      Hi Carol... first ever and thinking I have stepped far beyond what is comfortable... thanks for the vote...

      Hugs from the frozen North

    • carol7777 profile image

      carol stanley 4 years ago from Arizona

      Very thoughtful with your words..and I did enjoy reading this. Keep doing more.