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The Woman In The Doorway (Part 4)

Updated on May 15, 2010

The Visitor

" Hello there how is everything going for you here?The place is looking very nice".stated Mr.Knox." Oh my goodness how are you Mr Knox" replied Mrs.Tuddley and what brings you to the country today?" Mr Knox to his amazement just peering around.He remembered when his parents had the old building and it never looked this good first built.

It was a bit warm inside the building and Mrs.Tuddley and Jonathan had a little sweat falling from the brow. Oh Jonathan If you don't mind can you get us all some tea ? We both need a break anyway. Mr.Knox this is my friend Jonathan he cares for me and the store.Both men spoke and shook hands.

Mrs.Tuddley and Jonathan had setup a place nice and quite in a corner to relax from work a small break area.She directed Mr.Knox in that direction.Have a seat.They started to talk Mr Knox felt himself kinda slumping in his seat that is how relaxed it was to be in Mrs Tuddley's presence.He said "excuse me! The country brings that out in me." and he sat up quickly.He went on to speak. I know I haven't been here since we made the lease agreement,and the city keeps me very business.

Both of my parents are gone now and I see no need for me to hold on to this any more.You are doing such a great job with this property and I know my parents would be proud. I only came out to see if you want to purchase the property? I've heard so much about you and this store I thought it best I ask you first.Mrs.Tuddley was surprised.

"I'm so sorry about the lost of your parents I know that is hard.But I must discuss this with my children first and let you know what the out come will be.Can I call you?"

Sure! that will be fine stated Mr Knox,but one more thing.She said "what might that be? "Can you sell my parents things I have no need of anything.I did not want my parents things going up for auction I want to keep it simple as possible.

Mrs.Tuddley sighed and thought is this what my kids will feel when I'm gone.Things that I have toiled and sweat to get means nothing to them it is just things. Wow in her mind she was glad she was selling her "things".Yes I can do that for you but you will be the one to go through all of their things before I touch anything.

"Yes I will " replied Mr Knox.

I'm sorry you are visiting due to this situation,But how many acres is here with this building?asked Mrs Tuddley.There is Ten acres and the building next door on the corner goes with it.It use to be a glass shop.That building has a kitchenette inside.stated Mr.Knox.I will sell all of it to you.As if he wanted no connection any more memories at all.He was so busy chasing his dreams he forgot he even wanted a family.It was all about him and his career.He was setting up new dreams no time for that old stuff are even the thought of what to do with it brought him to confusion.Mix emotions with the thought of losing his parents.

Well Mrs.Tuddley, I guess I will be getting back to the city I have to stop by my parents house and lock up I was letting it air out today during my visit.I hope you the best and I look to hear from you soon.As he was walking to the doorway he looked back and said" My parents would be proud' nice to meet you Jonathan.He looked so lonely.He was an only child.

After Mr.Knox left she said "did you here that Jonathan he wants to sell all of this to me.What a blessing?I have to call Trisha and Joseph as soon as I get home.What do you think about that Jonathan? Give me your answer because I consider you my son as well.You have been by my side all these years and your thoughts are welcomed.Jonathan just hunched his shoulders and smiled.He like seeing Mrs Tuddley excited.She would just glow like a lightening bug.

Mrs Tuddley felt like she struck a heavenly gold mine.She looked over at Jonathan and started singing Rock of ages.And she stated"God is good to those that diligently seek and trust him."

Mrs.Tuddley went home that evening and made her calls to the children and they where both happy for their mother.they both stated "anything to make you happy mother If you like it we love it." She never ask for much just their support.She love her independence or just the feeling of thinking she could fly.

(c)2010Sharon Smith


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  • SwiftlyClean profile imageAUTHOR


    8 years ago from Texas

    Thanks Micky Dee you are riding that bike pretty fast slow your roll:).


  • SwiftlyClean profile imageAUTHOR


    8 years ago from Texas

    ralwas your job is to correct me and follow me.

    I love correction.It makes me a better leader would'nt you say?I will read it over.:)


  • Micky Dee profile image

    Micky Dee 

    8 years ago

    Great job. We're with you!

  • profile image


    8 years ago

    Almost skipped this one. My dear, there are some typos, but no matter. I like it.


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