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The Woman In the Doorway( Part 5)

Updated on March 24, 2010

The Surprise

Mrs. Tuddley returned to her store the next morning excited and she sat at the doorway in front of the old cash register.She picked up the phone and dialed Mr.Knox's number to let him know she would take him up on the purchase of the store and property.

Mr.Knox answered"Nicholas Knox speaking how may I help you"

"Good-morning" Marie Tuddley.How are you doing?" I'm calling regarding the store and property.I will take it.When can you have the papers ready?

"Matter of fact Mrs Tuddley how about the end of the week when I'm back in town at my parents home?" Mr.Knox stated.

"OK" said Mrs.Tuddley.Just as she peered out through the doorway window she noticed her daughter Trisha coming up the walkway.Just glowing as always.

"Good-morning "Mother as she stepped in side the doorway and than stepped behind the counter and gave her mother a hug and a kiss.

Mrs.Tuddley looked out the window."Are you alone? "Trisha always came with her brother Joseph.They were so close.

"Yes I am" replied Trisha

That seem strange to her mother she just pop up."What brings you out of the city on a Wednesday?"

Trisha looked at her mother and smiled.I have something to tell you."Oh dear" Is everything alright?"stated her mother.

"Oh yes mother everything is just wonderful.I didn't want to give you the news over the phone last night.I'm expecting you know Johnny and I have been tiring for a very long time.And we are so happy."

Oh my Goodness me a Grandmother? What a blessing.May be I don't need this store after all.My grand baby may need all of my attention. You think?

No mother we will have time for all that,Besides I love seeing you enter act with all the people here at Marie's Resale from day to day.You must have a life outside of parenting.You gave us all your time now it's your time to shine.I think if dad was still here he would hope the same.Which all they remember of their father was a picture at home; he never returned home from war.But Mrs.Tuddley lived a good life raising her son and daughter alone.One thing she taught them was appreciation of life and love ones.

Mother you will have time with the baby.Anyway I have a way to go.Now tell me about this new purchase you are making. What will you do with the small building on the corner? I'm not sure stated her mother.But It wont be this old silver Tin. Then she laughed out loud, It echoed through the store. I have a few Ideals but nothing definite yet.What do you think?

Trisha looked around.What about an Ice cream Parlor and she laugh you know I like floats.This is what they remember when they were always together Talking and laughing about sometimes nothing.Just silly times.

"Hey ,"Have you told your brother?" Of course he knows about the baby mother.You know we are like two shirt sleeves,we wear together very well,and she smiled.

"Where is Jonathan today?" Trisha asked.

He will be here later.He said he will be shopping for the store today.Wednesday's is his shopping day.

"Why don't you see what Jonathan say about the building on the corner he might have an ideal for his own good" said Trisha.You know we are to busy for anything here away from the city.Even Mrs.Tuddley's children was very thoughtful of Jonathan's needs as well.They were very grateful.

I will do that, but that ice cream sounds good right about now.Just as it was entering twevle noon.Time was going by fast with all the good news going on.

"Lets have some tea,I'm thirsty.There should be some short bread cookies over on the table in the break area".said her mother.So when will you all come down to together to visit me.We can all go have lunch together.I can close the store for one or two hours it wont hurt.I stay pretty busy.Our time is very important together. We can go over to Joshua's Mini Mart I've had a few good meals from there.I haven't meet him but the service and food is great.Trisha told her mother we will set a date.

After Trisha's visit with her mother she started back to the city.Leaving her mother with the surprise of the new addition to the family on the way.That was greater than the signing of the new property.Just when you think something is great something greater comes along.The property will pass on. But the life of a child is for ever she thought to her self and she walked back up to the doorway and pondered that thought as she looked out on the world sipping her tea.She was going to be a grandmother.

(c)2010Sharon Smith


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  • SwiftlyClean profile image

    SwiftlyClean 7 years ago from Texas

    Thanks to you Micky Dee for reading my story,Now on to the next page!:)

  • SwiftlyClean profile image

    SwiftlyClean 7 years ago from Texas

    Thanks for the correction ralwus.You are great! read on and edit my writings,Keep me as perfect as I want to be.>>:)

  • Micky Dee profile image

    Micky Dee 7 years ago

    I wasn't alerted about a "new edition". Thank you!

  • profile image

    ralwus 7 years ago

    Where is Jonathan? Oh my.