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The Wonders of Love and Its Blindness to Colors

Updated on April 1, 2010

When it comes to the matter of the heart,nothing else matters but what is felt.Color becomes very unimportant and secondary in the end when love is present.But in a rainbow after a storm or a quilt it can be a very beautiful thing.

 Unless you are refering  to a colorful rainbow,

this is one of the many ways color does count.

You could be coloring with your small children,

a huge box of crayons is your very best friend.


Your spouse wants the bedroom painted again,

he wants it light blue but you want it a green.

But the both of you soon reach an agreement,

its to the nearest store to pick egg shell white.


You have found out your girlfriend is pregnant,

the doctor told you both it will be twins again.

Do you need pink or blue blankets this round,

the both of you will know when they are born.


You meet a very tall handsome dark eyed man,

his skin was as dark as the jeans on his body.

He meets a beautiful brunette long haired lady,

her pale skin hadn’t seen sunshine to get a tan.


A friendship then a romances soon blossom’s,

the wedding made for a princess followed after.

Color took a back seat in this modern day story,

the only color saw was matching wedding bands.


The union held through children and life’s troubles,

hand in hand they fought each battle to the finish.

He was as dark as night as she as fair as the snow,

here is where color had to find a new place to live.


Color is a very essential part of everyday life for us,

its there from the blue skies down to the green grass.

But when color compared to the power of being in love,

it gets an eviction notice and has to find a new home.


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    • Miley_Soot profile image

      Miley_Soot 7 years ago from England


    • mdlawyer profile image

      mdlawyer 7 years ago

      You have poetic vision. The imagery is exquisite. Kudos.