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The World Wide Web

Updated on November 27, 2013

"If you don't have an E-mail address, you're in the Netherworld. If you don't have your own World Wide Web page, you're a nobody." -Clifford S

First used as means of communication for different parts of the army, government, spies and such, now used, the world wide web, is released for the use of the people. Before it is not meant for any civilian to use such a powerful tool, a tool in which can give information to the allies or the enemies in the frontlines. Now it can be used to upload pictures, videos about a certain being, person or thing. Now it can provide information, faster than before. The World Wide Web has truly changed the course of Humankind.

A normal human being would now spend 2 hours of their day surfing the World Wide Web. Some may even spend up to 5-10 hours just surfing the net. There are about 13.72 billion internet pages each containing different information, about certain researches, hobbies, and more. It increases everyday, as making a web page becomes easier, faster, and very efficient.

Creating a web page is now, considered as a job. Many marketing enterprises, powerhouses, now require a website. As the world continues to rotate and continue on living, more and more, companies are being made, which means there would be more web pages than there would be human beings. The past few years though, not only big companies create websites but also individuals who have access and knowledge on creating these websites. Individuals who wants to make easy money.

The Internet has aided a lot of people, in fact it helped increase job rates, or in other words, it increased hiring people to jobs. It makes applying for a job much more easier, in some arrays of jobs, you don't even have to go to an office to work. Now you can work by just sitting in front of your computer/laptop and work there. Mails are now received via Internet. This made people receiving mails much more faster, unlike before where it could take days. People can also now communicate through the internet, with the use of chat, video calls, or direct calls though the microphone in laptops and computers. The Internet has revolutionized the world as we know it, and it will continue on changing it.

The Internet has also been used for gaining fame, endless fame. As the webpages grow, so as the certain individuals fame grow. Now we can know more about different people via Facebook, watch videos though Youtube, search for meaning using Wikipedia. The daily page views of Youtube now reach 6.5 billion( that is a very huge number of people, watching, checking for videos for entertainment. These people who create these videos, little do they know that they start to change the people who watch these videos. They start revolutionizing the world.

The Power of the Internet is too much to handle, that is why it is given to the people who dare use it. Many use it for money, fame, and the likes. A single video can change the way people think, a single article can help a revolution, a certain post can change a feeling of an individual person. It is truly powerful, the internet can also be apart of false information, sellers of identities of different people. You can now buy information of a certain person, through the internet. Creepy isn't it? But very powerful. Videos in Youtube have been part of different changes in people's lives, it changes the way they think, the way they act. The endless streams of these videos, can be watched and be reflected through the individual spectators who dare watch these different videos.

Taking responsibility to what we post, to what we give to people through the internet, can be hard. Most people can be anonymous, which means that we can't find out who is that certain person. That person may provoke, hurt another person through the internet without anyone else finding out who that person is. That is how Cyber-bullying is made. Some even made themselves known who they bully and hurt, because they themselves cannot be hurt through the internet.

The Power of the Internet is too much, even for us. Some can create false idols, destruction, mayhem through the internet. Some, though, restore peace, give faith, relieve different people from stress through the means of entertainment, using the internet.

We must now think and realize what we can do and how we can participate in the internet. It is our choice to what we can do to the internet. The World Wide Web maybe invented by one person, but it is created by many, by all of us. Like the world, it is our choice to what direction the Internet would take and with it our responsibilities.


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