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The World in Colors

Updated on November 27, 2013

The human eye can identify more than 55,000 colors. Then studies have shown that the total numbers of colors that we can see is actually up to 10 million. With the different levels of color shades and combinations. Some also say that the number of colors we see are infinite. Imagine the universe for example, yet it is not proven, but theories state that the size of the universe is infinite. Some would disagree, saying that there are more other universes out there, probably bigger than ours. But the topic of colors is at hand and the "World in Colors".

There are a huge varieties of color, depending on what we see, some of us are what we call "colorblind" yet they may see what the real colors look like. For example, studies tells us that the color of the sky is not actually blue, but is actually violet. Some studies say that the color of the sky is colorless and it acts more of a mirror to the ocean below, but not just the ocean, but everything else below. If you're near a volcano eruption, the sky can actually mirror the red-orange color of it. Now this is all in perspective and studies of different people, hoping to understand more about colors and how do they really look like.

There are an infinite number of colors and we can only identify roughly 55,000 of them. Before, we could only think about the colors in our crayons or the colors that we see. Personally, I think there was only 18 colors that I need to know when I was in elementary. But then the teacher showed me different combinations of colors, such as yellow green, I still remember those days when I color a picture with white and the teacher asked if I actually colored the picture. White is what we consider colorless, but why do we have paint for it?

We like different colors, we favorite them. Personally, I like the color blue and everytime, I have to find the color blue in every single picture I color. There has to be blue in every picture. Some of us may like yellow, some may hate it. Some may like red, some may despise it. It just depends on us, on our ability to like things or hate them. How would we like if the entire world is painted blue? Or if its painted red? That'll be horrible to our eyes, it would hurt our eyes actually. When we wake up, our ceiling is blue, the walls we live in is blue, the door is blue, our food is blue. That'll just be plain ugly. Even if the world is just made with just 10 colors we wouldn't like it. But our world is not just made with 10 colors, no, it was made with an infinite number of it. Somebody must be very creative up there to make all these colors.

We live our days seeing all these colors, some we might just ignore, some we truly like and appreciate. The world is filled with endless colors, painted eternally to be there, yet they can be changed to our own liking. We have made colors ourselves, but some may say that's not possible because we are born with a definite, unchangeable spectrum of color, which means we cannot create colors. But we do not always believe what we see do we? So does it matter if we make our own colors to brighten up our lives? What matters is that these things makes us happy. We can't live in a world with only the two default colors, black and white.

What are the colors of the world and what do they represent? The colors represent the world that we built, the colors change the way we want them to change. Before the grass you may have lived in was brown, now you turned it into a healthy green. The world you might have lived in was black and white, but now, people showed the different colors of the world and what they offer. The colors represent what we have changed in this world, we made it the way it is now, and how others see the colors of the world.

Why is there an infinite number of them? That is because, we are all colors ourselves, coloring the world piece by piece. There is an infinite number because we are infinite, so that no one would be left behind. Each color is special, different from others, like us, we are all special.

Each one of us is a paintbrush, with it comes the color we want to give the world. Whatever color we want to give it, we place it there like the way we color our projects, our pictures, we give that color into the world. Positive or negative, its there, and its untouchable.

The color of the world, is the one we made, the one we build with each other. These colors are endless, infinite. They don't end to what our eyes see, but instead it moves on to what each of our hears feel. That is how we painted this world. And that is "The World in Colors".


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    • Darksage profile image

      Khen Ramos 4 years ago from Philippines

      Thank you very much :) Means a lot to me!!!!!!!

    • Faith Reaper profile image

      Faith Reaper 4 years ago from southern USA

      Wow, thanks for the interesting hub here on colors. I love blue too, as it is so calming. It is one of the colors that is actually the hardest to reproduce in anything.

      Voted up +++ and sharing

      God bless, Faith Reaper