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The World's A Giant Shaky Dome.

Updated on January 25, 2010

The World's A Giant Shakey Dome.

Huge palm trees

bow graciously
in many splayed directions
genuflecting to this

glorious summer day
warm breezes carry the smell of
hibiscus and cactus blooms
that could rival any dabs
of intimate scents

a woman might share.

The sun is God's spotlight
it highlights his very best
all the greens and blues

and pastels of June
we are but his amusements...

in a giant shakey dome
that never quite settles...
with white flakes..dew drops...

glistening rains
autumn leaves...

dead skin cells and

endless dust motes
falling all around us.

Much more often

though our souls
ascend in tiny bits of light matter
as we are shaken free

from the bonds of earth
to rejoin him on the other side
of his topsy-turvy creation.

But today I am

content to settle here
in my assigned spot
and just gaze upon

the wonders of it al.

my toes swirling in

the clear blue waters
my shoulders oiled and

warmed to a toasty brown
my eyes closed as I enjoy

the sing-song chants of children
splashing and playing in a

never-never land they get to visit
once or twice a year when

their parents can break away.

I stood beneath

a waterfall today
and let its turbulence

hammer my flesh
like the massage of

ten thousand

massive fingers
working out the kinks

in my back

rehealing the muscles
that I've abused

for most of my days.

when I stepped out

from beneath that torrent
into the steamy...sun

drenched lake before me
I was renewed..invigorated

as the day yawned on
with even more positive

things to partake of.

Someday I too will float

away from the drudges
and splendour of

this life in which I live
and as I ascend upward

to my final rendevous
It will be days like this ..

here in this paradise on earth
that I will recall..

and look forward to
on a more permanent basis
if I have earned

the rite of passage
to God's heaven

above the dome.





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