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The Worship

Updated on April 10, 2017
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I am a graduate of Mass Communication ''Bsc" but was a science student in my secondary school days, finally majored in forensic journalism.

Christian Worship

Hindus Worship

The Worship

The Worship

A wooden carve is what they worship
Some even worship stone
Some worship wine
Other says it is Okute of Adoka

The Muslim says it is Allah
Christians say it is trinity
God the father
God the son
And God the Holy Spirit

How best can I worship
It is a matter of choice and belief
The true worshiper
Claims his god is God the creator

In my heart I know there is only one God
And that god is God himself
He that created the heavens and the earth
The earth is his footrest
I wonder whom you worship
I worship the true God
The god I worship is God himself
All I know is heaven is mine

If you worship stone or wine
I don’t care, all I do is preach to you salvation
If you worship Okute of Adoka
All I know is that God is God
Those who say it Allah
Let them worship the way they know best
Those who worship the father himself
The Son, the Holy Spirit or trinity
Should do the best they can

He who is the true God knows himself
He who was not created
He came from where no one knows
I wonder if he is the air itself

Let him hold his count
The count of those that worship him
Lo, your god or God says to you
Be friendly and leave peacefully

Keep the flag of worship flying
The creator shall be here when its time
He knows best who serves him
When he comes he shall judge
The judgment shall come very soon

The judge we know him to be
He owns the heaven and earth
I know him for I serve him
Be a good servant to your master
God is God and who he is.

Islamic Worship


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