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The Worth of a Dream

Updated on June 12, 2017
Oscarlites profile image

Writing Poetry has filled a large portion of my life beginning with childhood. Writing is a creative venue and lifelong enjoyment for me.


Dream your Dream!

Nothing is ever what it appears, Look it over, around it, under it and through it; there’s more to it. What you see though is a good place to start from;

If you saw a coin and could not see its back, it could be bogus;

You must flip it over to see if it is spendable. A beautiful horse standing in a grassy

field, Will it run? Leap over high fences, or prance down country lanes?

Not until you mount it, ride it, and be a part of it will you know what it can do.

A person, inside, outside, who are they? Until you see them,

Watch them, challenge them, and discover them for their own worth;

Good, bad, innocent, capable, beautiful of soul and spirit, finding out

what makes them, drives them and even the desire of them.

Gold that glitters, silver that shines, has already been polished, and all who have passed have seen it, touched it and made it their own.

But to find a worthless rock lying in a stream, strike it against your heart,

Rub away the dirt, the exterior, find its dull yet certain gleam; knowing its true,

You’ve found your dream, that this is mine, I found its worth and this is the real thing!

Is it a person, a hope you seek? Gold or a dream? Close your eyes,

Open your heart and believe; Know where to look for the worth of a thing.

Gold lying under your feet, wisdom standing over your head,

Hope growing in your hands; Close upon it, and soon you will have

so many wonderful things; Finding the worth of a dream:


Nov. 1997


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    • Oscarlites profile image

      Oscar Jones 5 years ago from South Alabama

      I see you like animals!.. I do to, but I'm not as up on horses just because I haven't been around them a lot.. I do like their high spiritedness... I have read about them and watched horse movies, and I write about them .. ( not as an expert by any means)

    • Angela Brummer profile image

      Angela Brummer 5 years ago from Lincoln, Nebraska

      Beautiful! Very nice! Great writing! Perfect to include the horse! LOL