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The Write Time: Five Tips to Finding Time to Write

Updated on August 8, 2012

When it comes to finding time to write, there seems to be an array of other things on our lists that eat away at the time we need to pour into our writing craft, be it the day job, family responsibilities or life's surprises. A day is composed of 24 hours. Yet, when it comes to finding time to accomplish getting words on the page, even twenty-four hours isn't enough time to accomplish everything.

Here are my five tips to encourage you to improve your time management. Through proper time management, you'll be able to accomplish what may currently seem impossible.

1. Keep a Calendar- This may be simple, but by properly scheduling your day, week and month you are more likely to find the time you need for your craft. Pencil in your appointments, including your writing time. By making a set time, you've listed it as a priority and you are more likely to adhere to your "intended" plan.

2. Writing Sprint - The time I have to devote to getting words on the page is limited. Therefore, I often engage in writing sprints. A writing sprint can be based on a "words on the page limit" or a time limit. Personally, I prefer a word count limit. I usually try for 1000 words in a sitting. I also reach out to my social media network to ask for a writing sprint partner. Often having someone on the other end, pushes me to get more on the page.

3. Daily Goals - I set a doable daily writing goal. While juggling all of my hats and responsibilities, I find that by having a small goal to accomplish, it forces me to get words down. For example, by combining the writing sprints and the daily goal, it becomes even more feasible for me to get some writing done. Each day starts with a new goal of 1000 words regardless of how much I wrote the day before.

4. Automation - Use social media tools to stay atop of your every growing online presence.The Internet and social media can be a time suck. But, I loooove interacting with people, reading blogs and posting to build my platform. That being said, some posts I schedule so that I can concentrate on other tasks.This does not mean that I try to replace a bot (by auto uploading loads of posts). Instead, I schedule the promotional postings, for myself and others, through such tools as Hoot Suite or Triberr. However, should someone reach out to me through my social media network, I always take time to respond. Social Media is about a two way conversation, so please when dealing with automation, balance it with actual interaction.

5. Gadgetry - As implied in number 4, my iPod is never far away - in fact I am creating this article on it. Using mobile devices when possible can free up time in front of the computer.They provide opportunities to complete your tasks, without being stuck in front of a computer. For example, with a handheld device, you can blog from the comfort of your bed. So before going to sleep, you can type up a few words and presto... another of your to-do list can be scratched through. This then in itself helps to free up some of your valuable time to later be able to write comfortably from your desk.

Time management takes a lot of trial and error. No matter what, know that you are human with only two hands. How do you find time to write? I'd like to hear any suggestions you may have.

Until then, may you find time to write!

About Tina

Tina Glasneck is the author of Thou Shall Not. She enjoys creating three-dimensional characters and coming up with new ways to kill her stories. Visit her website: and follow her on Twitter: @TinaGlasneck

Thou Shall Not: (Spark Before Dying) (Volume 1)
Thou Shall Not: (Spark Before Dying) (Volume 1)

Bodies are piling up in Richmond, Virginia, mutilated, and tagged. A serial killer metes out justice to those that have escaped it, and Alexandria Xandy Caras is on the list. Two years have passed since the workplace massacre; six months since the day her charge of murder was dismissed. When innocent “fan” letters become aggressive acts, Xandy finds herself seeking help from Police Captain, Victor Hawthorne. He doesn’t believe in coincidences. Can he keep her safe when all signs point to her as being the killer’s ultimate target? Only Xandy’s death can make it all stop, silencing the deranged killer, who wants more than revenge, but true repentance. Some things are worth KILLING for.



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    • Tina Glasneck profile image

      Tina Glasneck 5 years ago

      Thank you for commenting! Without my IPOD, I would be completely lost. It's small enough to not disturb anything and with its notepad and apps, I can quickly jot down an idea or even create a complete post. It also makes it possible for me to stay in contact with readers, comments, and social media. It is the one device I could not imagine living without.

    • lady rain profile image

      lady rain 5 years ago from Australia

      Great idea on using handheld device, never thought of that before. I always get ideas when I am about to go to sleep, now I can jot them down quickly before I fall asleep.