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The Writer Creed

Updated on January 3, 2011


To begin with, it is hard to formulate one sentence, when writing.  One would think that it is easy, but this is not the case. We are not making excuses for the writing process. It is a task that still must be undertaken. The true and determined writer will forge forward with courageousness for the craft.  But weaker writers will give up and fall off the path.


To formulate a though is almost comparable to mining. To put it on paper we must be willing to dig and keep digging. Even when we are tired we must be willing to dig. We must be willing to put sentence after sentence on paper to convey our message. The determine writer will pick up his pick and shovel and keep working.


The determined writer will always do his best to make progress even when the going is slow.  Actually, in the writing process there is really no going slow; it is only the process. In short the writing process is an attitude of continuing to work.


The true writer will realizes it is only his value that counts. The opinions of others will come and go. We can learn from their positive and negative feedback. Our job is to continue to see the value in our own writing. This vigilant firm of mind set will help us to become better writers.  Knowing that what we have to say is important to ourselves and others.


The true writer will face many challenges from many areas of life. A good practice is to look straight ahead. Looking off the path at any number of distractions will only serve to hinder progress.  With this single pointed ness we will continue to make sentence after sentence.  The true writer works diligently at the craft no matter the challenges of life.


The work on the sentence itself requires focus. It requires a connection between the writer and the words. This effort brings a certain amount of joy to the seasoned writer.  When we look at our finished product, we know that our time was well spent.


Lastly, it all begins with the first sentence. Can we do this? One sentence starts the article, the story and the letter. Do we have the courage to battle the lazy mind? We have to make the mind work. The value is in harnessing our will to a determined purpose that is to write. We focus on the sentence writing process to produce a viable product. The writer crafts one precious sentence at time holding dear to each word that touches the paper. Take care.      


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