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The Writers Dream

Updated on March 8, 2013

The Death Squad: The Series

Commander Blytz, trying to survavie another day.
Commander Blytz, trying to survavie another day. | Source

The Writer's Dream

Many positive things can happen in a person’s life. All it takes if confidence, faith, and hard-word…lots and lots of hard work. With patience, time, and tenacity, anyone can achieve anything, even becoming rich or famous.

The key to being successful is research. Learn everything, read everything, and try everything until you find what works best for you. For every one success, there are a hundred failures.

Do not let the failures hold you down. Do not let people tell you, you cannot have your dreams. The world is full with negative thinkers but every successful person on the planet would tell you this, “Ignore them.”

There are millions of people ready to tell you that you are dreaming if you think you can be successful. Forget about them and their negative outlook on life. Instead, focus on finding the positive in everything you do and do that with all of you heart.

When Mark Zuckerburg founded Facebook, do you think everyone was behind him, cheering him on? That is very doubtful. Chances are, he had friends wanting him to hand out and play video games instead of focusing on his work. Do not let people distract you from your dreams. Mister Zuckerburg proved that anyone could be successful if that person works hard enough and focus on what is important.

When J. K. Rowling wrote the first Harry Potter book, she was homeless with her daughter. She would sit up all night in a coffee shop, drinking coffee while her daughter slept on a bench across from, writing her first Harry Potter novel. Even then, it would be another seven years before Harry Potter would start to become famous. Did she give up? One can be certain that, there are times when she thought about it but then, she toughed it out and held tight to her dream. Fact is, it is reasonable to believe many people told her she was wasting her time. Kudos goes to her, for never giving up and sticking to, her dream. She truly, is an inspiration to us all.

When Sylvester Stallone wrote his book, he really felt it would make a great movie but no one in Hollywood would touch it. Did he give up? Of course, he did not and much like the character he portrayed, he fought his way to get his dream and Rocky became a legend to us all and awarded three Oscars. Bravo, Mister Stallone, for showing the world that we can do what want, if we want it bad enough and are willing to work for it.

When George Lucas wrote Star Wars, he ran into the same problem as Mister Stallone. No one wanted to touch it in Hollywood. Therefore, Mister Lucas rolled up his sleeves, hired some special effects people to help him out, and used what little money he had made from book sales to produce the first, Star Wars movie.

Their success has absolutely nothing to do with luck. They started with a dream, worked their fingers to the bone, and did whatever they could think of to make their dreams come true. For the same reason, you should too.

Avoid letting the people in your life from distracting you. Avoid the negative people that say you are, ‘pipe-dreaming.’ Instead, focus on your dream and fight for it with all you can.

It may very well take you years to find success but do not give up. Not a single person spoken of here found overnight success. It is reasonable to believe that they went through every evil imaginable trying to see their dreams come to life.

Never give up on yourself, your dreams and stay focused. If your friends cannot understand the importance of you your work then ask yourself, ‘Are they really my friend’?

Never give up!


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    • W. K. Hayes profile imageAUTHOR

      Warren Keith Hayes 

      7 years ago from Bryson City, North Carolina

      Thank you Blondey! To answer your question, I found hubpages a few weeks back and dedicated these past two weeks to learning everything I can about hubpages while developing articles. Although I'm up to 73 hubs in less than three weeks, I've also managed to squeeze in writing my next novel, too. I actually count myself fortunate in that I am a fulltime writer. No day job to worry with anymore...just writing, writing and more writing. I've read some of your work too and I do love what you write, so keep at it :-)

    • blondey profile image

      Blondey Hubpages 

      7 years ago

      I like this hub, it sounds like you were discovered by someone on hubpages. How long did it take you?

      YOu are blessed and kind to try and share with others what you have learned, yes YOu musn't give up, great inspiring and helpful words. Thx!


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