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The Writing Trail

Updated on October 23, 2010

The Writing Trail


The writing trail, for the most part, has always been traveled by great men and women.  Great minds endeavor to leave us trails that mark their efforts. We can call it a light post that illuminates some area life. The trail can lead to something academic, spiritual, foreshadowing, or illuminating.  The force almost seems to be a compulsion to put something on paper that will last after the fleshly body stops working.  Not doubt the trail has been traveled by many people.


In some cases the effort is worth the trip and brings its own self rewards. Still for others there desire is for recognition. For some, the quest to be recognized by monetary means or awards.  The bottom line is what is it that makes them feel validated in their efforts. The self reward of knowing we have given our all to the effort to leave our mark in the world. The opportunity of life has given us the gift of effort and hard work to accomplish an end result.  Surely the person that has given all will rest in peace.


The great writing trails left by many seem to focus on direction.  Their writing is like reading a good map. The dangers and warning are posted on the map. We can think on them as hill and valleys on a map. The maps give directions and information about the landscape.  This is to help us choose the best route.  And also the great men and women leave us the writing of their lives. We learn directions from their experiences, pit falls and successes.  Good writing trails and direction are closely related in their purpose.


The good writing trails will last through the ages. We need only to look at the set aside scripture to see clearly that great writing trails have an enduring strength.  Their trails’ principles and guide posts are just as powerful now as they were centuries ago.  We have great trail writing people today whose works will no doubt still be illuminating people many years from now.  So, we see that the great trail writing will stand through the ages of time.


Also, there is sharpness to the great writing trails that gets it right to the point. The message along the trail is clearly conveyed to the reader. This trail method helps to keep the writing moving smoothly. But, the sharpness of the writing trail can sometimes be painfully real. Oddly enough, we can all appreciate that a sharp knife is more effective than a dull one.  It leaves a clearer line to the truth.


Finally, the writing trail is still a power force in the lives of many today. We sometimes want to leave behind a passionate note about our life. We want to leave behind a trail about the things we have learned from life.  The writing process is a way of making to lasting trail.  We can never tell when our trail maybe discovered or what profit it may have one day for our fellow man. So, in the end let us continue to make those writing trails.  


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