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The X-Factor - Love It Or Hate It?

Updated on June 4, 2016

Old News But Same Rubbish

You either love this or you hate it.

I have been watching X-Factor now for some many years, but after this years judges and finalists it is now banned from the house. Long gone are the days of pure talent and proper judges.

I often wonder what the judges are thinking, when making up their minds of who to put through. This year we have seen some very talented artists not making it further than the judges homes, only for them to put rubbish acts through, and some acts which seem personal to the judges. The bitchy remarks and tickle tackle from the judges, are that of which you would expect a 3 year old to do, and not from adults.

Only thing I will agree with, is that it was a long time coming for a new panel of judges. However you still made the mistake with keeping Louis. You would have done far better asking Sharon Osbourne back, as she really told it as it was, and would not put rubbish acts through.

Gary Barlow, one of the newer judges seemed to make his group personal, by putting acts through I feel that he could relate to. rather than put acts through on their pure talent. In his group I find he only has two good acts, and he missed the plot by sending a few good ones home instead of making them finalists.

Kelly Roland i believe in all of her acts and feel in there she has a winner. She has chose the one's who are strong and have a remarkable voice, therefore I have nothing negative about her group.

Tulisa I also would comment the same about her as i did Kelly. It seems like this year the strongest competition is between the girls and the groups. The best group I feel that has ever been on the X Factor is of course The Risk. they are truly amazing.

Is Louis Walsh Really A Clown Judge?

Louis all i can say about you is that you are the clown of the X Factor. I would really like to know what planet you are on. No matter what catorgary you get, you seem to put rubbish acts through. You make the show a show of clowns and you call this entertainment.

it also seems like the weeks before boot camp all of you judges seem to vote through rubbish acts all for the sake of entertainment when in fact it puts the general public off.

America Show Far Superior

We are a far way from our American judges and show, who in my opinion seem to have the right attitude for separating rubbish acts from those with talent. I now look forward to X Factor US more than I do our own show. It is nothing more than euro-trash with the exception of 1 or 2 acts.

Simon Cowell, I think you have to review how the American show is run, and put that to judges of the UK version. Stop playing the entertainment card and give us some proper talent, from start to finish.


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    • profile image

      paula 6 years ago

      tanck you so much all people buy chris rene itunes

      tanck you so much all people loves chris is best is the big winer.

    • peter.matthews profile image

      Peter W Matthews 6 years ago from West Sussex, England

      Hi Chris rene Fan. We prefer the US version to the Uk version. We find the US version far better and far superior than our own

    • Chris Rene Fan profile image

      Chris Rene Fan 6 years ago

      I have never seen the The X Factor UK but if it is anything like The X Factor USA it has to be pretty awesome.