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The Zombie Apocalypse Weapon of Choice Gun Vs. Sword

Updated on December 27, 2012

The Walking Dead Season 2 Finale

Zombie Apocalypse Weapon Choices

The Zombie Apocalypse is one of the most discussed events in the modern day. The belief that this scenario can never possibly happen allows many to play around with the concept in a relatively safe manner. However, in the event that this entirely plausible scenario does occur it is important to be ready to survive at any cost. The weapon of choice during a Zombie Apocalypse can spell victory or defeat. There are two obvious choices to consider, the gun and the sword. I utilize the term sword solely as a means of expressing the concept of quick, somewhat silent, and efficient use of lethal force.

Zombie Apocalypse Weapons Of Choice

During the Zombie Apocalypse Would You Prefer a Firearm With 100 Rounds of Ammunition or a Well-Constructed and Highly Durable Melee Weapon that will probably?

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The Gun and the Zombie Apocalypse

The gun is a very well known, almost iconic, weapon employed during the Zombie Apocalypse in popular media. The reasoning behind this is simple. Guns are extremely effective and they put hair on your chest. It should be noted that even highly feminine ladies will experience a 12% overall growth of hair on their chests once they begin to actively use firearms. It is inevitable.

During the Zombie Apocalypse the gun is often the weapon of choice for several reasons. The weapons are generally easy to use and simple to employ. It is unfortunate that guns are shown as almost magical killing machines in popular entertainment. The truth is that they are deadly weapons and excellent survival tools. However, they require constant maintenance and ammunition. They have to be zeroed regularly to maintain sight accuracy. Headshots are notoriously difficult to obtain unless you are in close quarters. There is a reason that people are trained to aim for center mass at range. The use of a scope or similar technology can be highly beneficial, but these items need to be zeroed for accuracy as well. You may be able to pick up a firearm and shoot someone at moderate range with reasonable capacity to hit them somewhere. However, without at least a modicum of target training you will waste a great deal of your ammunition when you attempt to hit someone at greater range. This is especially true of attempted head shots.

Guns are loud. This is another factor to take into consideration. While utilizing a firearm during the Zombie Apocalypse does make sense due to its destructive capacity, it is also going to be problematic. Every single time you fire off a round of ammunition you will be effectively signaling the Zombies to dinner. You give away your position to human opposition as well. If you can find a 'silencer' for your weapon then this may help to some extent. It will also reduce the other issue that people are often unaware of during Zombie movies. Firearms produce a lot of recoil. You can easily injure yourself if you are unprepared for this reality. A silencer is actually designed to reduce recoil, not reduce sound. The sound reduction factor is a happy by-product.

The best time to acquire a firearm is prior to the Zombie Apocalypse. This is more important than finding a proper melee weapon prior to the end of the world. A firearm is not something you should just hope to stumble across if you intend to use it effectively. Start early, train hard, and keep your weapons well-maintained. The range and killing efficiency of a firearm make it a powerful anti-zombie defense. Just remember that it is not quite as easy to make those shots count as popular media portrays it to be.

The Sword and the Zombie Apocalypse

The main alternative to the gun during a Zombie Apocalypse is the sword, or rather a well-constructed melee weapon. These types of weapons are very useful against slow moving undead, but may be more difficult if you are facing so called 'running Zombies'. While the existence of the latter is only speculation, the ability to defend against them will be greatly improved if you pick a favored set of melee weapons prior to the end of the world and train with them.

What are the best types of melee weapons to use during a Zombie Apocalypse? The simple and effective weapons rule the day at the end of the world. Swords, long knives, axes, hammers, or even a baseball bat are excellent choices. Eschew the traditional fencing techniques that use thin foils and similar tools. Think a bit bigger in regards to swords. You want to use a weapon that is meant to repeatedly come into contact with flesh, bone, and metal. For this reason you may also wish to avoid the ever popular katana.

The katana, while an excellent weapon against lightly armored foes, will break easily. The reality of the katana is that if you wish to use it, aim for disabling strikes so as to position yourself to behead your opposition. Do not fight stroke metal or hard objects frequently with your katana, especially if it is a cheap knock-off and not the real thing.

If you plan to use a sword during the Zombie Apocalypse you may be better served with a European style weapon. The broadsword, or even a light-weight long sword, may perform better. If the weapon is crafted with true combat in mind then it will be designed to strike at an opponent’s armor. This makes the blade more durable when dealing with random variables such as the occasional body armor a zombified soldier may be wearing.

The best weapon of all may be a spiked mace, or morning star. Utilizing a light weight morning star can be highly effective for both bashing and taking out the brain of a Zombie. If you cannot acquire a morning star or lose it during your escape then take heart. An axe will do just fine. Utilizing an axe during the Zombie Apocalypse may be the best overall choice due to the ease of locating these items and their usual durability.

The beauty of training to utilize melee weapons is that unlike firearms there will be a large number of random loose objects that can be used as a weapon when the time comes. If you train to use a staff then any long straight metal pipe will do. A tire iron or large crowbar can be effective. A shovel or axe can be found in almost any location. There are even farming tools sold with heavy blades that look a lot like a short handled glaive.

Seek out training in the art of the sword or axe and you will have a much greater chance of surviving the Zombie Apocalypse. It will also remind you that you should not stand and fight against a murder (my word for a large group of zombies). Firearms lend a sense of false confidence to many people. This may get them killed during the end of the world.

If you do seek to master melee weapons then your level of physical fitness will be even more important than those who utilize firearms. A strong body will lend itself well to the task of Zombie destruction.


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    • profile image

      Uzair Siddiq 3 years ago

      What about a bayonet. Long knife and gun in one package.

    • Andy McGuire profile image

      Andy McGuire 5 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

      I dig your style man. I'd personally go with the sword.