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The abbey sleeps

Updated on March 16, 2013

Called the abbey because I wrote it when I stayed in an abbey (monastery)

The abbey sleeps

while my laboured heart weeps

for a cause that knows not the mercy

that the Lord hath heaped upon me.

It should be burning coals upon his head

- but I plead "Lord No!, help him instead."

Pray Lord, revive my compassion

for each time this wickedness should happen

for when disappointment and anger should drive my

clarity into a chasm,

Lay upon me a love and peace

I cannot fathom.

A heavy heart that beats Re-morse, Re-morse, Re- morse

will find it's hope justified in due course.

Because faith is the substance of things hoped for,

the evidence of things unseen.

I bid our Father say

"Son, your faith has healed you.

Go in peace."


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    • Jackie Lynnley profile image

      Jackie Lynnley 6 years ago from The Beautiful South

      Very beautiful. Voted up.