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The anti-princess and the generation of princesos

Updated on April 1, 2016

Today women and men live in a very different world. In 2016 we realized that we are no longer the same, new generations come out bringing with them a completely new bunch of ideas. On my last article I talked about the different types of inner princesses that each women developed or feel identified with, but there is one in particular that I want to talk about in this article, the anti-princess.

More and more anti-princesses come out every day, but what is an anti-princess? There is nothing negative in this, an anti-princess is a girl that does not expect to be rescued by anyone, she is her own hero, she does not need anyone to succeed in her life, she's aware about her own value and her own inner strength, she does not base the concept of herself in false stereotypes of beauty, she has enough self-esteem and self-love, but unfortunately, even such a self confident woman like an anti-princess is affected by the changing world in which we actually live.

Jennifer Morrison in Once Upon a Time
Jennifer Morrison in Once Upon a Time

Men also have grown up with an idea based on the fairy tales of Disney, in which they are the ones who will rescue the damsel in distress, where they are the heroes of the story, but what happens when a modern prince charming meets an anti-princess? What happens when he arrives on his white horse waving his shiny sword in the air and realizes that the anti-princess already solved the situation? What happens when the princess in distress proves to be as self-sufficient and the modern prince charming ends up being the one in trouble?

 David Beckham in Disney Dream Portrait Series by Annie Leibovitz
David Beckham in Disney Dream Portrait Series by Annie Leibovitz

Many men do not know how to deal with this in a right way. I do not mean all men are the same because I know clearly that not all men are equal. Each one has their own particular characteristics, just like each princess who comes in different styles, shapes and colors, they also have their different descriptions, but this particular kind of modern prince charming is not used to confront an anti-princess because they tend to feel intimidated, they feel that their masculinity is threatened, so they avoid such women leaving them sometimes with the big question "¿Why is he not into me? I am intelligent, hardworking, I do not ask for anything, I'm not codependent so then ¿What did I do wrong?" And I will tell you the answer, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

Fifth Harmony in the video Work from Home
Fifth Harmony in the video Work from Home

Many modern Princes Charming feel more comfortable with the idea that a woman will wait for them to change a light bulb or fix their car and with this he can demonstrate his skills and abilities. They like to stay in their comfort zone, and when the anti-princess shows them that she can do everything by herself or even sometimes has a better paid job, they just run away. I repeat, not all men are like that but it's a fact that this kind of behavior exists in some of them and this is one of the biggest problems that the anti-princesses faces when they try to find a partner.

And what about the princesos? Yes, you are reading that well, Princesos. This is, obviously, not an official word in Spanish, and it's the male version of a princess in distress. This word originated on Twitter as #teamprincesos and now it has become popular on Facebook over the past years. First it was just a mockery of women who act like the perfect princesses, but later it became a way to qualify men who complain about being victims of abuse and misunderstanding to the women. They are more dramatic and sentimental than us, and I'm talking about completely heterosexual men, however they tend to take care of themselves pretty well, use creams and perfumes even more than women. They even undergo cosmetic surgeries and beauty treatments. I do not want to disrespect this kind of men, perhaps this word can become somehow aggressive, but it is a concept which is very common today. A friend of mine complained after a date with a "Princeso". They agreed to go out to dinner and once they were in the restaurant she ordered a big burger, fries and a soda, he just ordered a salad and diet soda. He spend the rest of the date concerned about how many calories he consumed and how many hours would he have to be at the gym to burn them.

What happens to the actual men and women? Why is everything so different nowadays? And don´t get me wrong, I admire women who are strong enough and independent, the ones that become firefighters, police officers or work in construction places, they give the best of themselves every day to prove that they are enough for these jobs made for men, but it scares me that, since the women become anti-princesses, strong enough to make themselves a life, the men have occupied the vacant spots of princesses in distress. What do you think? Are you an anti-princess? Have you ever met a guy that was intimidated by a woman? Or a princeso? And if you are a man and you are reading this article, what do you think about the new generation of men? Do you identify yourself with any of this kind?


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      Melissa Campos 21 months ago

      I love this article !!!! awesome!!!

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      yessi janeth 21 months ago

      Omg i love it my favorite writer

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      Miguel Angel GB 21 months ago

      I pround of you! Nice post