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The beautiful taste

Updated on May 23, 2012

The beautiful taste

He spat words at her she cried wrists bleeding

she could not handle him leaving

he was chasing dreams that would never come true

she was stuck in love and only she knew

The blood trickled down her arms and onto the pavement

he stood staring, heart as stone cold as the cement

with the chain he ripped from her chest clenched in his hand

wearing the aftershave she bought, his favourite brand

The smell stuck to her like rain to a web

he laughed as she bled

She screamed "please stay here, we can disappear"

tears running from her face to escape the pain engraved in her eyes

and we that he turned his back and walked away

she could not stand she began to sway

she crawled along the ground , a red stream followed

she begged God for some time to borrow

for someone to give her a chance

to let her live , to let her dance

her mind raced and it ended with this

the beautiful taste of their very first kiss.


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    • profile image

      cleaner3 5 years ago

      i like your poetry.

    • SecretsOfTheSun profile image

      SecretsOfTheSun 5 years ago from Ireland

      "Like rain to a web" "Pain engraved in her eyes" So beautiful!