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Killing all my desires....

Updated on September 7, 2014

Your beauty,

the structure of your body,

the style of your walking,

your face and the sign of love,

shining around yourself,

all the things about you,

which can be imagined,

at any moment, and every where,

either willing to remember,

or during unwillingness,

enters into the passage of,

mind to heart, through,

opened or closed eyes,

how can it be described ?

as the dream with open eyes,

and with full sense of humor,

because, my eyes are closed,

it is the night, very dark outside,

most of the people are travelling,

in their extreme part of dreams,

then, how can it be said that,

I am day dreaming in the night.

You....., like a portrait....., in front of me,

I want to touch and see you,

with all my desires and lust,

but a fear is deeply,

entered in my mind,

that when I will touch you,

it may be happened that,

an spot of my fingers,

will be appeared as impression,

on this unexceptionable beauty,

of beyond description,

I will kill all of my desires and lust,

I will make it all,

be ruined in my heart,

as unsatisfied thirst of love,

with a view to make it as,

a sparkle of fire to let it be alive,

when you will permit me to love you,

I will let it all,

be burst as an explosive,

and then, you will feel,

how a highly inflammable and,

unexpressed love,

can be retained,

in the very soft,

and sensitive container,

which the world says that,

it is the only pot,

filled with preservatives,

in which the wounded,

developed, unexpressed,

undeveloped and,

all kinds of love, lives in,

and thus,

it is called the H E A R T.


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