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The bone china tea set

Updated on February 9, 2014

The bone china tea set

How many years have l had this...

Say about 32 years...

Only used it once.,

Special because back in the day.,

when working... l used to buy

anything l would afford and liked...

l came across this at work..

Someone was selling some items.

so l bought it just for 20 pounds.

I have carried it with me... since even

after l got married..

The amount of times l have moved

from once place to another.,

and l wonder how much longer l

can keep hold of it...

The times l thought to give it away.,

and here it still sits in the cupboard.,

l often wonder as l wonder with my

own mothers things...

Are things important than us humans

or material thing to hold on to memory

as long as one can?

One day who knows..

it might be flung in the bin,

or given away to a new home...


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