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The brink of defeat

Updated on May 26, 2014

The brink of defeat

Im tired of pain, it fills my life greatly,

It knows my name well, and is holding faithfully,

My heart is bleeding with a womb so deep,

That my body is always weak, and I never can sleep,

My days are long, but weeks are short,

Life can't get any more confusing , should i abort?

I went from crawling to walking to running,

Back down to crawling to waiting,

Why suffer, why live, if you have to suffer while life is fading,

You would think it matter, but the only thing that matters is the end,

My life begun, now the end will begin its win,

Ill be a ghost soon , and walk this earth alone,

Not even my footsteps will have a sound or tone,

Just whatever is left, which is nothing,

Whether here or gone.

© 2013 Along with the wind


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