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The Wall Clock....

Updated on June 19, 2015

Wall Clock

The Tiger...

“I had long time to write something, because there was no reason and – of course – I was not in the mood for something like that… Until the day I received a wall clock as a present for my Name Day during Christmas from my best friend.

It was made of glass and the drawing inside the clock was a wild tiger just like our cat, Totos. We were surprised and my parents were very happy when they saw this present!! Now, we had to find where to put it. After a few days we decided to put it across my bed beside my favorite’s team flag.

The first thing I noticed, were the eyes of the tiger. They were so vivid and wild that you could not stop observe them. The second thing was the fact that the clock did not have anything to count the seconds.

I see the time passing by so fast as never before. I do not want to spend my time in front of a television. I want to gain back the years I have spent lying on a bed. But unfortunately, this cannot happen. I feel that I have to “run fast” and live all the things I haven’t live all this time. Something like that might hide many danger and many disappointments that would make me lose my confident in me.

I am afraid when I think that tomorrow I might be all alone. I will not be able to do things by myself. Thoughts, fears, terror for an unknown future that could be changed only if I would be able to do some things at the present. Every day, every hour, every move means efforts.

Disability is not an ugly dream which will be forgotten as soon as I wake up.

It needs efforts, if I want to stay alive…”

Christos Chondromatidis, 17 December 2009

** Christos died 08 May 2010 because of a doctor’s mistake. He did not have the chance to do what he wanted the most.... to LIVE..




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