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The coast is gone.

Updated on December 22, 2016

I swear to god
-like an expression of fortress-
That each tear I drop,
Drops with it my sadness and
unpack my rush.

That each day I wake up,
will be a step away of your grave.

Does not matter
that sad songs say
-it'll be layer of sand in your sepulcher
that doesn't rest on me anymore-.

I will lie on your name,
like the omission of the pain you still make me
and I hide, dry,
on memory of who I was once
and you

I will say yes,
I'll drink the night itself,
I'll bin you.

No more thinking,
it's over, I'll say bye.

And when I finish those letters
-being again praying in your feet,
eating by your hand,
curling myself up in your chest-.
I'll go to my alcove
to rest
to to get back,
to reborn.


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