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The Conquer of Day

Updated on December 21, 2011

Thoughts pondered

that cease to exists

Dreams deferred

Fragmented patterns in the mist

Cold chill embrace the forest trees

blown breath of fog on the window

The hint of morning lights its face on the lakes

perceptions of the day bring morning to its full expanse

Nightingales perched on tree limbs

Morning glory blooms whispering toward the rising sun

Ducks fly up ahead making unheard sounds

What was once fragmented patterns became hope

Dreams that where deferred became faith

The setting of this scene has its own intuition

sensing already what will come next

The day became a miracle in its self putting away things of the past

and becoming the new

This spring filled weekend day

its unbearable strength

causing most to over sleep

casting its hypnotic spell

savouring itself for itself

the day savouring its own moment

Enjoying itself in a sea of calmness

manipulating time to it's own delight

Conquering the unfolding moments of the



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