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The daring do of Dave

Updated on November 14, 2014

Daring Dave the dromedary
packed his bags for going to sea
he was meeting whiley willie the whale
off in search of the holy grail
A strange combination if ever you do
but Willie was a hump-back too.

Their guide this day was bug eyed billy
a bumbling bee but not so silly
He found the entrance to Aladdin's cave
while making honey for the brave
A word, a nod, a shrug of shoulder,
and Harry the Hippo removed the boulder.

Twas dark inside as dark as night
but Frederick firefly provided light
as garry the gator his teeth was flossing
met for information at Zebra crossing
must get the plans right first time off
so hire the best; Billy bear the Toff.

Renowned for strategy of catching fish
sally the salmon his favourite dish
standing tall in water fast
hoped this challenge may be his last
getting old and past his prime
thoughts of hibernation sublime.

Gerry the giraffe the long necked feller
had come with the twinkling of a great idea
if dawn the duck billed platypus
could make a scene; create a fuss
the others under watchful eye.
could perhaps just slip right by.

Slide Into the abyss down Sidney snake
Careful now we must not wake
the barmy bats who so aloof
would scream as if to raise the roof
Alerting all inside the bog
we must not stir the sleeping dog.


Creeping Chris the caterpillar
Had roped in his friend, Guy the gorilla
In case awoke the crafty cat
whose precious house the treasure at
Silken slipper socks made ever so neat
bound noise from everybody's feet.

At last the prize was now in sight
Owl checking both ways left and right
then around the back did look
his head he did not have to unhook
A sliver of light upon a bail
had they indeed found the Holy grail?

Then all at once there came commotion
A glow appearing oer the ocean
Neon signs did start to flicker
hyena startled could only snicker
and then the light at last was shone
Pet food special day TWO FOR ONE


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