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The day we bleed

Updated on December 17, 2014

The black day

O mother,
Don’t cry, Don’t cry,
I came back home,
Don’t cry, because nothing has happened to me,
I learned a lesson that was not in my syllabus,
Don’t cry mother, Don’t cry,
Because I learned the lesson,
You ask me everyday, “what did you learn today?”
Listen, if you can,
You taught me once, you taught me once,
that this country and these people, everyone is your’s,
I met some relatives of mine today,
everyone of them was my cousin, my brother,
followed the same Prophet, the one you follow,
Were wearing the same clothes as our elders,
Mother, you used to tell me about our Prophet and our Lord,
They were telling me the same,
O mother! I was happy,
Happy, that I remembered what you taught me,
I was unable to write, unable to tell them,
that their pen was different,
their way was different,
their language was different,
Tell me mother,
was I ignorant? or were they ignorant?
Did you taught me wrong mother?
They taught me a lesson in a way that I was unable to read,
A lesson, resulting in death, O mother,
They were holding pens with ink made from blood, mother,
They didn't ask me to read, they shoved their lesson in my heart,
A lesson that tore apart my chest,
O mother, they took me to a school in which the uniform is white cloth with red blood stains,
O mother, you used to ask me, do you your homework and learn whatever you read in school,
O mother, I learned my lesson, I learned it by heart,
I don’t know from when my brothers are learning these lessons,
If they call it education, than what it ignorance, mother?
If you call this Islam, than what is blasphemy?
Mother, I want to ask many question?
Many question comes to my mind,
Mother listen, before this syllabus spreads all over, turn it into ashes,
Take it out, before they make it compulsory on us,
O mother don’t cry, I learned my lesson,
I am back, I learned the lesson which was not in my course,
Don’t cry mother, I read all of it,
I went to school today, not to come back home,
I went to school today, not to come back home.


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